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Tuesday, April 4

Feels Like Summer For This Morning Coffee Muses

Feels Like Summer For This Morning Coffee Muses

The weather has definitely turned in a summer direction. Yesterday the high in my microclimate of a backyard passed 90 degrees. That figure drives the Weather Underground crazy and they will drop my station off line because it reads three or so degrees warmer than any around me… Funny thing though, I have multiple sensors scattered around and old style thermometers and they all agree within a degree or two of each other.

Speaking of summer, I walked out on this back porch after a warm shower and it set me to reminiscing about the summers of my youth. You know the one’s I’m talking about, pre-AC summers, back then I can remember dreaming of a cool bath. Fill the tub with water as cool as you could stand and soaking until your fingers and your toes turned prunish then pulling a chair in front of the oscillating fan and enjoying a chill on a hot summer’s day…

Most of those summer afternoons were spent at the city pool. We always had a seasons family pass for the pool in our neighborhood. We would walk the most of a mile between our house and the pool, play for a few hours before walking back home. Day by day, week by week, long hot summer days between the end of one school year at the end of May and the beginning of the next at the start of September. The idle days of youth pre tv, pre videogames, pretty much pre everything we have today to keep you from thinking about much of anything…

Sometimes we would keep Monopoly games going for days in the garage next door. Sometimes we would just while away the time laying in a bed of clover watching the clouds blow by… That’s something every child should experience, laying in the cool soft embrace of clover. Looking for the four leafed one, watching the honey bees search from blossom to blossom… catching some in a mason jar then letting them go again. When the day comes to an end using the same mason jar to catch fireflies, then taking them in to put on the table by your bed to flash till you went to sleep.

Back then I had the upper bunk beside a double-hung window. The bottom sash was pushed up, the upper sash was pulled down and the attic fan in the hall was pulling the cool night air in thru the window. Going to sleep each night listening to the sounds of the night with a cool breeze constantly washing over me was almost heaven…

It’s probably what makes me require a fan blowing on me at night to this day…

I feel a need for more coffee….

Sunday, April 2

Waiting For The Prognosticator's Stormy Morning Coffee Muses

Waiting For The Prognosticator’s Stormy Morning Coffee Muses

I took these shots this morning as I had my first cup of coffee. I couldn’t post them here because… I couldn’t get here. After a call to tech support on a Sunday, long hold, it my websites were restored and once again my life is good…

As it’s almost 2p.m. now, I’ll just say this and move on… There is a weather pattern that is setting in on all of these forecasted stormy days. Heavy thunderstorms race across Texas and as they get close to Houston they begin to lift north. It happens again and again. At least, since I don’t pay much attention to broadcast tv, I don’t have to listen to all of the hype the prognosticators throw out…

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Tuesday, March 28

Waiting For Rain Morning Coffee Muses

Waiting For Rain Morning Coffee Muses

The prognosticators are foretelling of thunderstorms overnight and into tomorrow. Hopefully, they are closer to right this time around. We are beginning to be a bit dry. And their foretelling last week missed the mark by a few miles at least.

I am seeing a Carolina wren going back and forth to my bluebird house under the cypress tree. So I guess someone has claimed a home at least.

Today I think I’ll start a new custom of two images… The large image at the top when you follow the link to my webpage is the view from the end of the porch facing east. You can see all of the spring flowers just across the property line.

Time to get busy… chore day.

Friday, March 17

A Ceiling Fan And Cottontail Morning Coffee Muses

A Ceiling Fan And Cottontail Morning Coffee Muses

It’s a warmish start to the day. Mostly clear with just a few high wispy clouds. Of in the distance someone is mowing. Closer by the birds are supplying their normal chorus. I’m starting to see dragonflies patrolling the backyard and a spider has tried to web the weather station.

Our resident cottontail hopped across half of the yard before hiding under the cars or the shed for the day. Hmmm, we might have more than one… earlier I noted to myself how big and brown the cottontail was. Just now another one hopped to the remnant woods at the back of our place. It seemed smaller and grayer than the one I spotted earlier.

This feels like a perfect summer’s day… Starting out at 70 degrees, sunny, nice breeze, filled with birdsong. Too bad our actual summer days feel nothing like this.

There’s a fairly large moon ghosting in the sky. Pale and blueish as it sets towards the western horizon. A reminder of nights bright with moon glow… if only we had a cloudless night. Alt it takes to cover the night sky with clouds here abouts is a predictable astronomical event. Every time we hear of a meteor shower, a lunar eclipse, a comet in the sky the clouds roll in a shut down the view. As a kid, whenever we visited our grandparents, the thing I recall most is the summer evenings spent on the lawn listening to grandpa tell his tall tales as we watched the stars come out. We all sat in an assorted collection of mismatched lawn chairs hoping for a meteor sighting or, even better a satellite. We were far enough out in the country that there was no light pollution ( I don’t even think the term existed), and the sky was filled with stars. The milky way made a splash of light that stretched across the sky from horizon to horizon. Three generations of family enjoying time together…

Coffee calls….