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Monday, February 27

Another Warm And Muggy And Overcast Morning Coffee Muses

Another Warm And Muggy And Overcast Morning Coffee Muses

Whenever I start a day and there’s no sun but the temperature is already pushing 70 degrees, I find it hard to believe the calendar. This isn’t a normal February.

Even the cows are complaining. You almost never hear them even though they share my back property line. I was just mentioning to Sherry how I was surprised they were normally so quiet… today they laid lie to that assumption.

I think I’ve figured out the Trump plan… It’s do absurd stuff every day, lie, obfuscate, do everything to prove your critics are right… knowing full well that your voters will never hear of it through your propaganda machine at Faux. If the conservatives who put this puppet in office ever come to understand what he is doing to America, it’ll be a pitchfork at the castle door moment. But as long as they only hear the propaganda, he’s safe. But me, I wouldn’t sleep well thinking all those hard working folks might one day wake up and smell the coffee and the stink will bring them looking for the wizard behind the curtain. That day won’t be a pretty one for the Trump  brand… it’ll be fire sale time in Trumpland.

And on that thought… Have a great day again America.

Wednesday, February 22

Wedgwood Blue Skies For My Morning Coffee Muses

Wedgwood Blue Skies For My Morning Coffee Muses

Not a single cloud obscured the crystal clarity of the Wedgwood Blue covering the celestial hemisphere above my head this morning. The perfect playground for red-tailed hawks being harassed by a crow just as big as they were.

It’s warm this morning on the porch, sun streaming down, little to no breeze… even the ceiling fans can’t move enough coolish air around to make a difference. There’s a silence that happens out here… The birds will be singing all around… then… nothing, totally quite for a minute… two minutes… you wait, holding your breath… And yes, there’s  tweet… And another over there… then the whole symphony is back in full voice. And… you wonder why it stopped.

If this warm transition into spring continues, I’ll be counting the days until the sunrise transitions the house and I’m in shade of a morning. Normally February mornings warmed by the sun are exactly what the Dr. ordered… this year, not so much. Even though the temperature is still in the low sixties, this protected, sun warmed porch has crossed the seventies in the shade… and it’s pushing ninety in the sun… And the red-tails are still talking about that crow.

Monday, February 20

Cool Rainy Morning Coffee Muses

Cool Rainy Morning Coffee Muses

Light rain is falling… not quite what the prognosticators were foretelling. Yesterday’s troubled weather seems to have roared thru central Texas overnight using up it’s forecast fury before falling on this part of the state. I’m inclined to note that I can’t recall a winter where every cold front I’ve noticed has moved from west to east before. There’s always been a tendency to slant in from the northwest… pretty much parallel to the coast, but this year the fronts drawn on the map are straight up and down… moving from west to east with the rains along the frontal boundary training north as the drift east.

I do keep hearing that roaring train sound they say tornadoes make… but… I think it’s just a busy Monday morning on the railroad. I would not want to be a switchman on a day like today. In and out, up and down on those metal steps, clothes all wet under the rainsuit. At least the radar is showing just generalized light rain and not the orange and red masses that blew across the hill country and San Antonio last night. Actually, this is the kind of weather where you want a sofa or a swing, a blanket and a book… right out here on the porch.

I watched a bit of entertaining “news” yesterday. Chris Wallace had Reince Priebus on his Fox Sunday show. Watching Chris take him to task for the President’s calling the press “enemies of the American people” was eye opening… but watching the reaction of Reince Priebus to being called on the carpet by Fox was hilarious. He couldn’t wrap his mind around the concept. It just wasn’t in his ability to ever think his interview with Wallace wasn’t going to be another Fox fluff piece… Just way to funny. If you can, go find a video and check it out.

But, all joking aside, on this I agree with Mr Wallace, the press, not even the most partisan outlets, are the enemy of the American people. Senator John McCain had it right in his interview on Sunday. Controlling the press is the first step towards a totalitarian regime… And to have someone who’s idolized Vladimir Putin for so long calling the American press untrue and “fake news” all of the time is not only troubling, but, it only works on that small portion of the population that gets it’s news from your approved sources.

Oh well, I think I’ll sit and contemplate my navel like all good hippies and wait for HGTV to contact me and tell me the dream home is mine to sell so I can buy my mountain hideaway and wait for the Trump apocalypse. Enjoy your day…

Wednesday, February 15

Cool Almost Wintery Morning Coffee Muses

Cool Almost Wintery Morning Coffee Muses.

The sunlit sky makes a line on the southern horizon.

An all gray mass slowly crosses the sky trying to shut it off.

Here and there a spot of blue breaks the bleakness of another overcast morning.

The feel of the morning air is, for a change, seasonably cool.

A rift in the sky opens for the sun to break through…

Nature holding it’s breath… breathes as the warmth bathes my face.

For now, sunlit skies have returned, wind whispers thru the trees, birds sing…

The thump… thump… thump of tires crossing expansion joints on the bayou bridge intrude on my muses…

And… clouds reclaim the warmth.

So I sit and enjoy the cool of our too warm winter as it becomes our spring.

And… north winds make the pines sigh as they move their limbs to and fro.

The sky, once gray, then blue, is gray once more… The air once still now blustery,  chilling my skin.