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Birthday Road Trip 2017

My Birthday Road Trip is essentially a photo expedition on or around my birthday of February 6. In a sense, it’s my perverse way of being eccentric… How many people prefer the beach in the middle of winter? And on my way to and from the beach I stop and photograph nature. The first stop, because it’s between me and Surfside, is Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. The route I took can be seen in this image.

2017 Birthday Road Trip

Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge

I can always find photo subjects just laying around down there…

Alligator in BNWR

Here is a closeup of the little guy…

Alligator cloeup

Those were actually the very first shots of the day. Continuing on the auto tour in the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge I began to take a number of shots of the water birds hanging out in the shallow ponds.

Surfside Beach

Driving around Oyster Creek on my way to Surfside I caught a couple of shots of a Red-tailed Hawk that I really like…

Red-tailed Hawk and Refineries

Which eventually got me to Surfside Beach…

And… If you click on the images above to see the full sized shots, you’ll see why I like the beach in winter… even a winter that doesn’t feel like one has lots of peace and quiet on the beach… Only one vehicle and a couple walking their dog in both directions. Love it.

Nash Prairie Preserve

I left Surfside and headed over to Quintana, but nothing caught my eye. I headed north on Texas 36 out of Freeport and drove to West Columbia. I grabbed a sandwich and a drink in West Columbia before driving to the Nash Prairie Preserve for lunch sitting in the hatchback watching the wind blow over the prairie.

Nash Prairie Gate

More on the Nash Prairie can be found:

After leaving the Nash Prairie Preserve I stopped on my way to Brazos Bend to photograph a phenomenon I had noticed as I traveled along the river. It was evidence of the high water mark from last years flood. If you look closely at the following shot you can see the color change above the water line…

All along the road, even into Brazos Bend that dark below light above was visible… I don’t know how many times over the years I have seen this section of road go under water.

Brazos Bend State Park

Which gets us to our final stop on the road trip…

And my favorite bench to while away some time enjoying nature.

More Brazos Bend Here:

Timelapse Clouds

Hector Thunderstorm Project from Murray Fredericks on Vimeo.

Camera Murray Fredericks

Editing Lindi Harrison

Original Sound Tommy Shutzinger

This time-lapse assembly is part of the Hector Thunderstorm Project being produced in northern Australia. The first exhibition of stills from the project are on exhibition in Melbourne at Arc 1 Gallery from the 24th of May until the 18th of June.

Special thanks to the Tiwi Land Council, Phase One and L&P Digital Photographic for their support of the project.

Thanks to Jason for the find

St. Louis Wandering

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The sunrise brought a weather surprise that made the day much better than we expected…And made the anticipated “birdwatching” that evening look better than we had hoped.

From the hotel room this is what greeted me when I rolled out of bed…

A cool front was moving through the area as I watched that morning. The day promised to be pleasantly warm and not as uncomfortably hot as it had been all week.

After a late breakfast, we wandered across the Interstate behind the hotel to enjoy the park surrounding the Arch. Of course there were photo opportunities to be had.

Taken from the middle of the intersection, the photo above just had to be snapped.

Then, once we were across the street, another shot presented of the same steeple…

We then wandered into the park and headed for the Arch itself.

I must admit standing at the base of the Arch left you with a feeling of smallness…Quite impressive.


Blue skies and blue steel…Man and nature…History and today…It all comes together at this point.

Tomorrow we will go “Birdwatching”