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Saturday, March 25

A Muggy Not Hot Not Cool Morning Coffee Muses

A Muggy Not Hot Not Cool Morning Coffee Muses

The rains blew past last night without dropping any on us. All we got was a fireworks show. Oh, and a month’s worth of wind in one day. It’s becoming a pattern… rains running across the state heading straight for us only to lift north as they get here… passing close enough to hear and see.

There was a cold front associated with the line of showers. Last night when I went to bed it was just to the west of Houston. Now it’s repositioned and it’s located just to the north of Houston… I guess we won’t be seeing it’s benefits any time soon.

Now the sun is out and it’s raining… lightly and with big drops… okay, done.

Last evening we had a small flock of cedar waxwings roosting in the pecan tree in front of the house… one sign of spring I look forward to. They’ll only be around a few weeks before heading north so every sighting is noted.


Friday, March 24

A Hippity Hopping Morning Coffee Muses

A Hippity Hopping Morning Coffee Muses

There’s an Easter bunny scoping out my backyard, planning where to hide all those Easter eggs he’ll be bringing.. if you look close, you’ll probably have to click on the image, you can see him just to the left of the wisteria. That almost sounded like a political philosophy…

Looking at the radar just now I see all of the storms they are threatening us with are still west of I35. To be honest, at this time they look pretty benign. I’m sure by the time they cross the state they’ll have grown a bit.

I’m having trouble keeping the squirrels off my bird feeders here lately. They keep getting on the roof and jumping down on them. I’m sure the neighbors think I’m crazy when I come slamming out the door barking at them…


Tuesday, March 21

Another Beautiful Summer's Day Two Months Early Morning Coffee Muses

Another Beautiful Summer’s Day Two Months Early Morning Coffee Muses

It’s just another ceiling fan morning out here on the back porch. Already in the 70’s, sunny, a bit of a breeze… A Beautiful summer’s morning… in March. We’ve barely reached spring and it feels like summer.

Even the birds seem to think summer has arrived. This morning I glanced out my bedroom window and saw a group of cattle egrets in the back yard. I’ve been seeing more and more hummingbirds around too. When I walked out this morning  The only bird I heard singing was a bluebird… it still amazes me how their soft little warble can be heard so well.

Oh well… household chores today.  I better get to it…


Sunday, March 12

Cool and Breezy on Another Overcast Daylight Savings Morning Coffee Muses

Cool and Breezy on Another Overcast Daylight Savings Morning Coffee Muses

The predominant sounds this morning are the wind blowing through the trees and a train on the railroad tracks. The birds are singing from deep in the cover of the woods to escape the brunt of the wind. And did I mention it’s cool… After our winter and with the wind, I’d almost call it cold. And the front is sitting on I10, 40 miles to the north.

Daylight savings time… what can I say about you. I don’t understand the rationale. Up north the days are so long in the summer, do you really need to shift the clock an hour one way are the other. And if you think about it, wouldn’t it make more sense to do it the other way?  Shouldn’t we be springing backwards and falling forwards? Just wondering…

As cool as it is this morning, I’m not going to last long out here in my ambling shorts and tank top, even with the hoodie my tapping hand is getting numb… And with daylight savings kicking in, I’m already an hour behind.