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Saturday, April 22

Beautiful Summer Preview Before Spring Returns Morning Coffee Muses

Beautiful Summer Preview Before Spring Returns Morning Coffee Muses

It’s quieter than usual out this morning. The cottontail managed a quick escape this morning… from a hawk gliding in low over the yard. I don’t think the cottontail was the main target , I think the hawk thought he had a squirrel on the ground. In my book the hawk can cull the squirrel population all he wants. They’ve been growing way too numerous these past few years…

The neighborhood pileated woodpecker is announcing his presence this morning. Moving through the little patches of woods that still border Mustang Bayou. It’ll be a sad thing when the woods are gone and so is the pileated.

The prognosticators are foretelling of a chance of rain when the cool front come thru. My worry this time of year is that the weather oracles will miss and the front will stall in Conroe. I mean, come on, I’ve been anticipating the two days of 50 degree mornings for a week now. Now don’t get me wrong, it won’t (or at least isn’t supposed to) actually reach 50 . But it will be in the fifties, upper in the morning and lower on Monday. A good fifteen degrees cooler than mornings for the last little while.

It’s that time of the morning, the Wal-Mart gulls are changing parking lots. They are actually laughing gulls but around here we only see them in the big parking lots. Every day a few or a lot will fly over the house coming from somewhere and heading somewhere else… laughing as they go.

Another cup of Joe is calling my name…


Wednesday, April 19

Another Rainy Cool Morning Coffee Muses

Another Rainy Cool Morning Coffee Muses

When I looked out the bathroom window this morning the concrete out front was wet but it wasn’t raining. By the time I got to the back porch the rain had begun to fall again. It has been falling now for half an hour and shows no sign of letting up. When I pulled up the weather radar I could see why. There’s a narrow band of rain that’s training up from the gulf, and we, it seems, are sitting right on the tracks.

Yesterday I saw my first migrant buntings. A couple, male and female couple, of indigo buntings found my backyard feeder. They spent a good deal of time eating as fast as they could. Maybe the cool front later in the week will cause a few more migrants to “fall out”.

Time to call it quits out here, it’s raining hard enough to be raising a mist that’s blowing onto the porch…

Thursday, April 6

A Really Chilly Spring Morning Coffee Muses

A Really Chilly Spring Morning Coffee Muses

It feels like we’ve stepped back into winter this morning. Or at least, as much of a winter as we’ve had this year. The temperature is in the upper 40’s as the sun comes up. Some of the stations here in town are reading as low as 45 degrees. Feels pretty good out here on the back porch. For one of the few times this year I can see my breath fogging out in front of my face…

The birds are sure happy with the still, cool, sunny morning. The number of individual crows that fly over is amazing. Each and every one is looking to see if I’ve tossed out any stale bread. I don’t do it more than once every couple of weeks or so, but, they remember. And all day every day crows will fly over and check the yard.

It sounds like we’ll have another day of construction sounds. It’s not even 8:00 and we’ve had to loads of sand dumped next door. At least the workers don’t get that early of a star… The rumble of their heavy equipment is bad, but that Damn beep beep beep of the back up alarm will drive you crazy.

Once again the cottontail is out this morning. It’s becoming a daily thing, either morning or evening, but a sighting almost every day.

Time for another cup… and email is calling.

Wednesday, April 5

Cool Breezy Beautiful Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Cool Breezy Beautiful Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Cool winds are swirling about this morning. Swirling is the operative word too. The trees are dancing but my wind gauge is hardly turning while the wind direction vane is spinning like a top… I’ve watched a couple of crows fly over and they looked like they were flying drunk without a designated navigator.

The quiet of my mornings will be interrupted for awhile as site work started next door for the new neighbors house. Dump trucks began arriving to dump their loads at 7:45 and another shows up every few minutes. They were running a Cat bulldozer and a couple of big rollers yesterday raising the building site. They’ll be working for awhile as that site drops off from mine and they have to match my elevation. It’ll be interesting to see how their foundation is built to see if it’s as massive as our own…

It shouldn’t be too many more days until we start to see the grosbeaks and the buntings and the orioles moving through. I’m already spotting mulberries on the trees across the right-of-way. It would be nice to spot a painted hunting again.

I had an email from someone with the National Park Service. They had stumbled across one of my shots of Mabry Mill and want to use it in a new brochure on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I am honored that of all the images of one of the most photographed places on the Parkway they would choose mine. I can’t wait to see the brochure. Maybe it’ll be out by the time we visit this summer.

Mabry Mill