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Tuesday, April 18

A Wet And Thunderous Night Turns Into A Wet Thunderous Morning Coffee Muses

A Wet And Thunderous Night Turns Into A Wet Thunderous Morning Coffee Muses

The morning is dark and rainy. Rolling thunder began last night about nine and continues the battle as I type. Lake Boyd in our front yard is as big as I’ve ever seen it which means it’s reached capacity and any more rain just runs off.

This morning’s symphony is brought to you by the world famous froggy apocalypse choir. The avian choir of most mornings is in hiding until the rain gods quit the battle raging above the clouds. And the rain just keeps falling…

Finally, some birds are starting to compete with the amphibious roar. And whoever’s beating the drum up in heaven could use some restraint. Lightning flashes in warning of the rolling thunder heading our way… again. And the frogs keep calling for more and more.

My coffee cup is empty and these rainy day muses are not amusing… so adieu.

Wednesday, April 12

A Cool Pacific Northwest Kind Of Morning Coffee Muses

A Cool Pacific Northwest Kind Of Morning Coffee Muses

It’s a strange feeling morning. Kinda magical… Kinda spiritual… Kinda otherworldly. I feel as if I woke up in northwest Washington state… or Ireland. Overcast skies over a cornucopia of green shades and hues, each and everyone crying out to be the focus of my muse this morning. A soft breeze is barely stirring the trees and the day is cool enough that I’ve turned the ceiling fans to low.

I’ve been out for less than twenty minutes, and already three trains have roared by with train horns blowing on three sides at once. The train are loud, but highway traffic sounds are nonexistent. But the birds, singing high, singing low, songs of welcome, songs of joy… even the crows sound a bit more melodious. Ahhh, but the laughing gulls still sound the same…

I’ve been spending a lot of time on WikiTree.com this week. A big part of the time rewriting the profile biographies that are generated from my import of my family tree. In the process I am double checking sources. In the course of doing that I found that I had not managed to search out either of my parents on the 1940 federal census. After manually searching through the Orchard TX listings I did what every genealogist should do… I called my mother and asked her where her family was living in 1940. The answer surprised me. She told me she had lived in Boling until she finished the first grade. So both my mother and my father attended the same school at the same time just separated by 10 or 11 grades. After searching through the Boling area census page by page I found her and her family. They were mis-indexed because the census taker had really bad handwriting. Sewell was indexed as Seml, even Ancestry couldn’t make those match in a search.

After that success, I moved on to New Gulf and paged through till I found J P Boyd and family. Indexed right, but not showing up in searches for some reason… hmmmm.

Email calls, then the news, then climbing the proverbial family tree…

Sunday, April 2

Waiting For The Prognosticator's Stormy Morning Coffee Muses

Waiting For The Prognosticator’s Stormy Morning Coffee Muses

I took these shots this morning as I had my first cup of coffee. I couldn’t post them here because… I couldn’t get here. After a call to tech support on a Sunday, long hold, it my websites were restored and once again my life is good…

As it’s almost 2p.m. now, I’ll just say this and move on… There is a weather pattern that is setting in on all of these forecasted stormy days. Heavy thunderstorms race across Texas and as they get close to Houston they begin to lift north. It happens again and again. At least, since I don’t pay much attention to broadcast tv, I don’t have to listen to all of the hype the prognosticators throw out…

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Friday, March 31

A Loud And Heavy Morning Coffee Muses

A Loud And Heavy Morning Coffee Muses

There’s a heaviness to the cool air this morning that is allowing the morning sounds to travel far and loud. The highway bypass sounds like it’s right next door. The roaring of the road is drowning out my normally pleasant symphony of birdsong.

More and more, I find myself sitting out here on the porch, getting lost in contemplating the natural world around me. At least for now it’s cool enough to enjoy getting lost in my thoughts.

At least this won’t be the last cool day of spring. The prognosticators are foretelling of two more cool days in the coming week. One will even fall into the 50’s like this morning.

Well, it’s now after 8:30 and the morning rush must be over. While the traffic noise is still louder than normal, it’s not completely distracting.

This year has been a bit different from the normal year. Almost daily I see a cottontail, the fireflies are much more numerous each evening. It makes one look forward to sitting out of an evening… at least until mosquito season starts.

Coffee’s gone… so I guess I should be too.