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Tuesday, February 28

Blustery Cloud Covered Warm Spring Coffee Muses

Blustery Cloud Covered Warm Spring Coffee Muses

The breeze is gusty, the air is warm, the birds are subdued.

From all around my vantage point, mowers roar. Spring has defiantly announced it’s arrival, ready or not. Looking out my office window, the sky is almost gone. Covered by newly buded, so spring green it almost hurts to gaze upon them, oak leaves.

The red oak in the picture above hasn’t quite bought into this early spring business, but even so I can see buds swelling on it’s limbs. The cypress tree in the foreground of the photo is still bare, but the cypress at the back of the yard is covered in a green haze.

I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning this and a couple of my other websites of malicious content, seems I was hacked. After I went in and deleted file after file, I get an email from the protection service I pay for telling me they protected me from all of these injections… really folks, seems like I did all the work. What’s up with that.

Monday, February 13

Cool Damp Misty Morning Coffee Muses

Cool Damp Misty Morning Coffee Muses.

Monochromatic skies over unseasonably green ground.

Mourning doves filling the gray woods with soft sad moaning.

Bright crimson jewels flashing on tree limbs, calling to their subdued yet handsome mates.

Small flashes of golden sunlight from warblers flitting to and fro.

Goldfinches still dressed in winter drab, waiting, waiting.

A rooster crowing, a dog’s bark, sounds that fill a mornings quiet.

Winds sighing thru the pines, blowing inland from a sea…

Carrying odors of salt and sun and damp over miles of landscape, still.

Once a rough seat ‘neath the pines, now gone, but remembered still…

To sit and listen as pines conversed with the spirits of the wind.

Gusts of breeze stirring memories of other winds, of other places, of faces long gone.

A crow kawing, another answering, conversations on the wing.

Coffee’s gone, dregs are cold, time calls these muses to a close.


Saturday, February 11

Warm Muggy Winter's Morning Coffee Muses

Warm Muggy Winter’s Morning Coffee Muses

There have been August days in my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains where the high temperature didn’t hit what this February morning in SE Texas is starting out at… and these warmer than ever before hits just keep on rolling right through this crazy winter. Really want to convince congressional Republicans that climate change is real? Just make them stay in Houston Texas for a year.

For a Saturday morning it’s fairly quiet. Traffic over the Mustang Bayou bridge isn’t as loud or as busy as normal. The ceiling fans are almost making more of a roar. There is something about a bluebird’s song that just makes me happy… And I’ve been hearing them more and more… Just not seeing them.

In the continuing saga of our new neighbors… They had wanted to build as far back on their lot as we set on ours… they ran into pipeline proximity issues. So now it looks as though they’ll be building up close to the road. If my history of building in the city is any indication, they might be in their home by Christmas. And the craziest thing was the city was telling him he would need to build a sidewalk across the front of his property. Now at this point the closest sidewalk to here is a good mile away. So this required sidewalk would go from my property line to the city limits. About 400 feet of orphaned sidewalk that if the city ever gets it’s way would be torn up to widen our road into a primary feeder corridor. Gotta love city living.

Birthday Road Trip 2017

My Birthday Road Trip is essentially a photo expedition on or around my birthday of February 6. In a sense, it’s my perverse way of being eccentric… How many people prefer the beach in the middle of winter? And on my way to and from the beach I stop and photograph nature. The first stop, because it’s between me and Surfside, is Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. The route I took can be seen in this image.

2017 Birthday Road Trip

Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge

I can always find photo subjects just laying around down there…

Alligator in BNWR

Here is a closeup of the little guy…

Alligator cloeup

Those were actually the very first shots of the day. Continuing on the auto tour in the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge I began to take a number of shots of the water birds hanging out in the shallow ponds.

Surfside Beach

Driving around Oyster Creek on my way to Surfside I caught a couple of shots of a Red-tailed Hawk that I really like…

Red-tailed Hawk and Refineries

Which eventually got me to Surfside Beach…

And… If you click on the images above to see the full sized shots, you’ll see why I like the beach in winter… even a winter that doesn’t feel like one has lots of peace and quiet on the beach… Only one vehicle and a couple walking their dog in both directions. Love it.

Nash Prairie Preserve

I left Surfside and headed over to Quintana, but nothing caught my eye. I headed north on Texas 36 out of Freeport and drove to West Columbia. I grabbed a sandwich and a drink in West Columbia before driving to the Nash Prairie Preserve for lunch sitting in the hatchback watching the wind blow over the prairie.

Nash Prairie Gate

More on the Nash Prairie can be found:

After leaving the Nash Prairie Preserve I stopped on my way to Brazos Bend to photograph a phenomenon I had noticed as I traveled along the river. It was evidence of the high water mark from last years flood. If you look closely at the following shot you can see the color change above the water line…

All along the road, even into Brazos Bend that dark below light above was visible… I don’t know how many times over the years I have seen this section of road go under water.

Brazos Bend State Park

Which gets us to our final stop on the road trip…

And my favorite bench to while away some time enjoying nature.

More Brazos Bend Here: