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Sunday, March 5

Rainy Sunday Morning Coffee Muses

Rainy Sunday Morning Coffee Muses.

Yesterday I was out of sync all day. When your morning routine falls apart so massively you just don’t feel right for the rest of the day. When I sat down to take my photo and post it here, I had no idea it would take most of the day. This morning it’s the Kindle that’s acting up. But a hard reset seems to have been the answer this time. But, enough about the problems of blogging.

Today’s weather is cool and wet. Light, misty rain fell off and on yesterday. Today’s rain is light, but not so misty. The radar shows the heavier rains to our north and moving away to the northeast. Which is kind of strange as the surface winds are from the east-southeast. Right now it’s slacked off to almost nothing.

The wisteria is showing more hints of green and purple… it’s soon to be a dangle sculpture in the middle of the yard. All over town the azaleas are in full show.

Time to take my wife out to breakfast… And more coffee.

Thursday, March 2

Blue Skies, Cool Breezes, Warm Sun Morning Coffee Muses

Blue Skies, Cool Breezes, Warm Sun Morning Coffee Muses.

Sixty degrees and blustery breezes make the sun’s warmth welcome.

After days of early summer all winter long, a fall back into springlike weather patterns is always welcome, no matter how fleeting.

Any day that looks like today and is blessed with a strong north wind is a day to savour. Both cool and warm, sunny and breezy… The best of all worlds, and a rare thing along the Texas coastal plains.

Here’s hoping I get no messages about hacked sites today. As of last night, everything was cleaned and passwords changed. Now we wait and see they’re still getting in. Fingers crossed.

A New View

The property behind mine lays along Mustang Bayou. With all of the rain we have had this summer, the grass had grown quite tall. This week my neighbor spent a day on his big green machine mowing the right of way visible from the back porch. Now, once again, the view has opened up all the way to the horse pasture across the bayou.


I spent a couple of weeks fighting with my tablet. It started working slower and slower. Then it wasn’t working at all. After finally getting the factory reset to take I started reloading apps… Guess which app restarted the problem… WordPress. I had not been happy with their app since the latest update. And, now that I think about it, that was about the time my troubles began. So now its back to doing everything the old way…