Friday, September 15

Humid But Not Too Warm Morning Coffee Muses

Last night we were buzzed by those military planes they kept warning us about. Scared the hell out of Sherry out on the back porch. Coming out of the dark, headlights blazing as it passes directly over the house. Then for the first five minutes I was out on the porch I heard no birds, saw no hummingbirds… I was starting to worry. Then suddenly there was one, then two, then a dozen… all was back to normal.

Then I spotted a couple of yellowish birds, warbler sized flying into the closest oak. That sent me inside for the binoculars. When I came back out I sat and watched for movement for 30 minutes… And saw nothing.

Now the woodpeckers are hopping from tree to tree looking for insects while the squirrels play chase up and down the trunks below.

Back again after sitting and watching. I wouldn’t be out this long without the help of a good strong fan. Gotta have some good air movement working to keep the heat and humidity at bay.

My cup of muses is dry. I’ll leave you with this…

She’s sleeping at my feet…

Thursday, September 14

Warm And Humid Once Again For My Morning Coffee Muses

Once again the hummingbird ballet is weaving in and out around the feeders. Circling, bobbing, two then three, now four hummingbirds looking for the advantage as they maneuver for dominance at an individual feeder.

This return of summer is not appreciated. It’s what I always dislike about this time of the year, you finally get that week long tease of autumn and then wham, you’re back in the heat and humidity of summer. That will last a week or three before once again it’s pleasant to be back outside.

Even the pooch isn’t immune, she moves from underneath one vehicle to underneath another to the shade of the house to the edge of the porch…

Time for another cup of muses…

Wednesday, September 13

It’s Seventy-two For This Morning Coffee Muses

It’s a really good bird morning. Already besides the dozen or so hummingbirds, we’ve had two species of woodpeckers, doves, chickadees, titmice, blue jays and that’s just what I’ve noticed between doggie kisses.

As you can see, the only break I got was for breakfast…

That is until she got bored with me and went exploring. You know, when we moved out here back in the early nineties, free ranging dogs were common. The traffic on our road was much, much lighter all day long. Now a days, the road in front of our house is dangerous at all hours, and I worry about this dog who doesn’t fear the road. If anything forces me to give her up, that’ll be it.

This change to the front porch is fun. What with the constant battles between the hummingbirds as they fly aerial battles among the columns… buzzing and chattering as they go.

Patti’s back and drank a load of water.

It turns out she does like tennis balls.

My cup of muses has run low… I think I’ll just sit and soak up the ambiance.

Tuesday, September 12

It’s Sixty-two Degrees Morning Coffee Muses

There is nothing like being greeted on a cool morning by a wet dog in your lap. Before she goes running off to greet someone working on the house next door. I worry about her proclivity to run into the road. We’re not as peaceful as we were when last we had a free ranging dog around here.

The hummingbirds are feisty this morning. There’s a male rubythroat bouncing from the chaste tree to the feeder in front of me and back over and over again. He even gets dive bombed from the pecan tree by a female.

There’s a woodpecker talking in the oaks. I haven’t seen it yet so I have no idea of which type. A titmouse just hit the seed feeder… now a pair.

The woodpecker is a small little downy in the mimosa tree.

And the hummingbird battles rage on right in front of my face…

A mourning dove just landed under the feeder. Now two. And three. And four… five. And the pooch wants petting.

Saw blades whine, compressor hums, the roofers pound nails, the soundtrack of next door.

The pooch moved, doves flew.

I need some more coffee…


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