Wednesday, July 19

It’s another computer/tablet failure morning into afternoon Coffee Muses

I’ve spent the day, so far anyway, trying to iron out my tablet issues. This is after spending all day try to do the same yesterday. I finally gave it up and just reformatted the memory card that has been giving me trouble. So we’ll see how that works.

Since I was having trouble with the camera app on the Kindle, I went out with the “real” camera and took some shots from the front porch this morning. Since I was using the card reader to try and fix and then reformat the memory card from the Kindle I couldn’t pull the pictures off the camera’s card until that was complete. Just a long way of saying this post is late due to technical difficulties beyond my control.

Anyway, here are some photos of my world today…

“Where the railway was, the river is now.” | Milk Street

Summer! The sights and scents of haying. The sweetness of fern, the hot aroma of wild sage, the occasional whiff of spearmint. The blast of heat up from the tractor, the wind turning leaves at the end of the field a milky silver, birds swooping down over the mowed grass. The rhythmic chugging of the baler, and the occasional snake, pressed flat to the hay, bound up with baling twine like a dull green ribbon.

Summer was also a time for farmhands, Onie and Herbie, who slept in the bunkhouse nearby. Herbie, thick and slow-moving, and Onie, lean like a string bean, showed up every day for noon dinner: a roast, baked potatoes, baking powder biscuits, a well-cooked vegetable, fresh milk from the Holstein out back, and molasses cookies or a slice of pie for dessert. Eating and talking didn’t go together; it was heads down and every man for himself. The potatoes were popped open with a whack of a fist and a sunny yellow pool of homemade melted butter soon followed.

This is the reason I first subscribed to Cooks Illustrated. Chris Kimball’s editor’s note was always the first thing I read. And because of wanting access to his story telling, I became a better cook. So it was with sadness that I did not renew my subscriptions to the entire array of resources after learning of his ouster from the company he started. Thank God he found(ed) another place to call home and another home for his stories… Go check out Milk Street.

Source: “Where the railway was, the river is now.” | Milk Street

Tuesday, July 18

It’s Chore Day And The Tablet Is On The Fritz Morning Coffee Muses

It’s early but the rains are already showing up today. Thunder is booming outside and the humidity is a thrice wiper today. Yesterday’s rains in the area started before noon and lasted pretty much thru the afternoon, hit or miss.  That’s the thing about the rains we’ve been having, they cover a large area but the actual thunderstorms are usually quite small. If they hit you directly, you get poured on… If they only brush past you get sprinkled on. But if they miss you by as little as a quarter of a mile, you stay dry even as the lightning flashes and and thunder rolls. It makes for interesting days.

I went out this morning to snap my normal photo and the Kindle is being screwy today. Every time I restart it and open the camera all I get is a black screen and then it freezes up. I am not having a great day with that. Finally got the camera to work but can’t get the pictures off the tablet. I do not know what the problem is but I’m tired of fighting it right now and I’ve eaten up way too much time today on this… So short muses, long time cussing… Back tomorrow.

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