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Thursday, January the eighteenth

It looks and feels like winter morning coffee muses.

The sun is gone, the cold stayed. Though moderated, it’s still just 32° out here this morning. Did I mention it’s also breezy. Leaded skies keeping the sun’s warmth above, winter’s cold below.

There’s a feeding frenzy going on at the base of all my backyard trees and bushes. Lots of cheeping going on accented by the cooing of a mourning dove. Yellow-rumps, pine warblers, eastern bluebirds, goldfinches, house sparrows, cardinals… and many more I’m sure.

Time to move this muse inside the almost empty house. Quiet for the first time in days. Even the grandkids were looking forward to getting back to school. It’s overly warm in the house this morning even though I returned the thermostat to it’s normal 68°. I could live with it lower, but I’m alone in that sentiment. It’s a battle I’ve fought all of my life, spending much of my winter hours of my life outside where I could dress as warm as I was comfortable with.

Checking out the weather prognosticators foretelling for the coming ten days has me looking at moderate temperatures, but both weekends are foretold to be rainy. The high for this Saturday is foretold to reach 70°. Shorts and t-shirt weather for sure.

I took a break and cleaned the kitchen while watching Rachel and Joe and Mika on the TV. Then I built a kitchen sink/ice box leftover soup and put a batch of cornbread in the oven… lunch should be pretty good in a few hours.

The view out the living room window hasn’t changed since I got up, though the forecast is for pm sun… we’ll see.

Wednesday, January the seventeenth

Sunny but cold, a breezy morning coffee muses.

It’s only in the lower twenties in the shade right now. Luckily, this porch is in the sun… unluckily, the wind is gusting pretty strongly trying to suck the warmth right out of my soul.

The ice pellets on the ground around the tree trunks are still there. Like a dusting of snow on bare ground. The hood and roof of my Sport Trac are still white against the dark blue. Ice sickles still hang here and there.

For the second day, schools are closed. The world is mostly quiet once again as everyone was warned to stay off the frozen roads. So the only sound I’m hearing is the wind in the trees. As I sit here letting the cold seep into my bones.

All day yesterday the bird feeders out front were busy, the ones out back, not so much. The ice on the roof must be starting to melt… there’s a drip drip drip picking up speed on the lid of the garbage can.

It looks like I need to move this muse indoors before I completely freeze…

Here’s what I saw when I fired up the computer…

Just keep in mind, my wind gage has been funky for months now.

The front feeders are busy again today,  The goldfinches are eating me out of house and seed.

This winter has actually been a winter. My heat has been on since before Christmas, we’ve had two snow events and a frozen precipitation event… And it’s only the middle of January.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m gonna enjoy winter while it lasts… Have a great weather day all…

Wednesday, October 4

A Not necessarily cool, but much less humid morning coffee muses.

While the upper seventies aren’t what I’d call cool, if you suck all of the humidity out of the air, add a nice breeze, it can feel quite nice.

The double handful of hummingbirds still hanging out at the feeders seem happy with the weather. The blue jays are doing something way up in the top canopy of the oaks.

The goldenrod at the end of the porch is starting to show it’s color. Even as I fight with my better half about not pulling it up. She thinks the six foot tall stalks look weedy, and they block the stone behind them. Personally I like goldenrod, it’s about the only thing down here that gives us any fall color.

The cup of muses is now empty… Time for a refill.

Friday, September 29

The air feels different for this morning coffee muses.

The first thing I noticed this morning was there are birds chattering everywhere. The second thing I noticed was the few number of hummingbirds hitting the feeders.

The Cool front moved thru yesterday afternoon. It didn’t drop the temperature one bit, but, it feels cooler this morning. Which tells me that the humidity is down a bit. It’s 75° just like yesterday, it just doesn’t feel the same though. The fan sitting on the corner of the porch is enough to make it feel a bit chilly.

There’s just a slight north breeze moving the branches on the top of the oaks. Judging by the driveway, we got a bit of rain overnight. Nothing standing anywhere but every bit of the concrete looks damp.

The angel trumpet at the end of the porch is down to one blossom today after being covered with dozens last week. It’s really amazing how quick they show up, and how quickly they fall off and rot away on the ground. Kinda impressive really… The bush covers itself in blooms multiple times during the growing season, for a week or so each time, then goes back to being just another variegated bush with pretension of being a tree… until, that is, a freeze takes it down to the ground again.

Oh well, the coffee cup is empty. Time to go for a refill and enjoy as much of the day as possible…