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Tuesday, February Thirteenth

The view out the windows today is just the same as it’s been over and over for my morning coffee muses.

I’ve been fighting the problems caused by an ssl certificate not being installed correctly at my hosting company. After a phone call this morning, hopefully it’s fixed and I can now post my morning coffee muses without issue.

But once again the morning’s cold, dreary look didn’t tempt me outside. These cold gray days just keep repeating.  And the forecast doesn’t look promising…

I can’t recall a day recently when the partial cloudy forecast had anything partial about it. At least we’ll be climbing out of these cold temps for a while. Though the chance of rain seems to exist just about every day… We seem to be having a Seattle winter this year…

Setting at the desk in the office, I am watching as the Goldfinches eat by the dozens out my front window. They are joined by a squirrel. It’s a never ending battle to keep the squirrels out of the bird seed…

And just because I can…

Have a great day all. Mr President’s day is coming… I hope he’s ready for the fall…


Sunday, February eleventh

The cold north wind is making the trees dance for my morning coffee muses.

After the warm days of the weeks end, the cold wind this morning is a shock to my system. Even though it’s much more seasonable. I guess I should turn the AC off and the heat back on.

Other than the sound of the wind, it’s extremely quiet out. Scattered birds are making their voices heard. A black cat just trotted across the yard.

Ok, I underdressed for the wind blowing out here. I’m going in to finish my coffee. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Saturday, the tenth of February

Rain, thunder, and more rain and thunder, a warm wet  morning coffee muses.

Sometime this morning I became aware that I was sleeping at the working end of as almost empty bowling alley… And someone was rolling strikes above my head. The lights would flash in my unlit room, and some seconds later, the ball would strike the pins sending them playing into each other with a resounding booming. The overnight rains now had a soundtrack.

As if the ground wasn’t soaked enough, I see water standing were I haven’t seen it standing since Harvey. It looks like ill have to wade out front to get in my car.

And tomorrow, we’re right back down into the 40’s for a high. The Texas yoyo weather pattern is here to stay till winter gets tired of us this year.

I guess the thunder was for my benefit, an alarm clock to drag me out of bed. Because, once I made it out here on the porch, the thunder quit.

Today almost feels like a preview of spring. It makes me miss the old swing we had on the front porch of the old house. A throw pillow and a book on a rainy day like this and life was good.

I’ve had a total of two birds on the feeder this morning… make that three. There’s a slacking of the rain at the moment. And more thunder in the distance.

I think I’ll take advantage of this break and move my car out of the standing water…

Friday, the nineteenth of January

A light but steady rain is falling on the cool morning coffee muses.

Two sounds dominate, steel on steel and falling water. One natural the other man-made. One gentle and punctuated by soft bird sounds, the other harsh and split by the whistle of an air horn.

The temperature on the front porch was 40° when I looked before coming out. That was what the high was supposed to be yesterday… we never made it. The prediction for today’s high is 60°. We can only wait and see. Tomorrow the prognosticators are foretelling a high of 70°… springlike if I’ve ever seen it.

The rain is getting softer. But there are darker clouds all around. Maybe the rain will finally melt the ice in the roof valleys on the north side of the house. At least the cold isn’t so intense that it’s numbing my hands.

There are large, loose flocks of birds flying around, mixed flocks of birds of different sizes. And, a steady stream of species are hitting the feeder. From my old favorites, the chickadees and the titmice to my new favorite the pine warbler. Goldfinches, cardinals, and house sparrows… The yellow-rumps out under the trees.

The wind is picking up and the wind chill is getting to my exposed skin… add in the empty cup of muses and it’s time to move this indoors….