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Monday, November 20

It’s nippy out for this early morning coffee muses.

As usual on a cool  early morn the sound of a train passing is the first sound I hear. A starting temperature of 48° is always a good sign. with a forecasted high of 70°, it promises to be a very nice day. Other than stepping out for the morning record shots, I decided to start my day at the desktop.  I’ll move back outside after it warms up just a bit on the back porch.

Over the weekend I pointed the grandkids toward the ground under the pecan tree out front. In the course of a couple of hours, over two days they and their mother managed to pick up four plastic Walmart bags of pecans… And there are still a “ton” on the ground, and a lot still on the tree. This has been one of the best pecan crops I’ve seen.

Political Rant Alert

For my conservative friends you may want to stop here…

Over the weekend, once again, my disdain for what the Republican Party has done to Texas was brought into focus once again.

The MIL has to go and get her drivers license renewed by her birthday a few weeks from now. In the past that wouldn’t be a problem… But with the Republicans running Texas, they’ve closed down a lot of Drivers License Bureau offices across the state including the one in our city. They’ve added proof of identity requirements. And they’ve raised the costs of getting copies of birth certificates. In order to get a copy from Austin before her birthday they want $125 without guaranteeing the date it would be delivered.  All of these things were done at the same time they were mandating ID requirements for people to vote.

Every time I went into the local office to take care of business I’d take a book because the wait would be so long. So we close that office and make everyone find an office 45 minutes away… Really? Sound like a good policy from a customer service point of view?

You know, a few years ago I apologized to a co-worker for making comments that led him to think i hated Republicans… You know what I take it back. I hate Republican politicians… I may not hate Republican voters, but, I really don’t like them very much as they preach morality and vote for the hateful and harmful policies they do.

Just look at the last 10 months… A minority of voters elected the most unqualified person ever elected to the Presidency of the US. And now we have Alabama… What the hell does this say about us as Americans? And have you looked at the Tax Bill? It reads like the Health Bill they kept pushing.

I find myself watching Morning Joe more and more to watch conservative and moderates debate the issues. Back in the early 2000’s when I would rant about GWB, I was watching Keith. Then I followed Rachel. Both of them were speaking from my place in politics… I don’t need the opinions from the far left anymore, that’s me. I refuse to look at Faux News because… Hell it’s original Fake News.

Rant over… I’ll leave you with this…

Trump threatens shutdown, suggests controversial pardon at Arizona rally – The Washington Post

PHOENIX — President Trump on Tuesday threatened to shut down the government over border wall funding, said the North American Free Trade Agreement is likely to be terminated and signaled that he was prepared to pardon former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is anathema to the Latino community.

So, taking a page from the Tea Party playbook of Ted Cruz, Donald J Trump has become a real American Terrorist in the long line of Republican leaders not doing the job they were hired to do, threatening an economic and governmental crisis if he doesn’t get his way on his stupid border wall.

But, if you really think about it, isn’t this a classic Trumpian business move. He’s done it over and over again over the years. When your losing, just declare bankruptcy and move on. So shutdown the government, declare it broken and then… what exactly is his end game. Does he have one? The art of the Trump deal seems pretty unartful  to me.

Source: Trump threatens shutdown, suggests controversial pardon at Arizona rally – The Washington Post

Tuesday, July 25

Humidity and overcast skies for this Morning Coffee Muses

It’s a sultry, gloomy day out. Not pleasant at all. We are definitely moving into the summer doldrums. Hot, humid, uncomfortable… six days till the start of the most summer-like month on the calendar.

And just to make everything just a little more icky, we have Trump in the White House. I was watching season 1 episode 10 of the News Room last night. It’s the episode where they go bullet point by bullet point down the list of character traits of the Taliban and compare them to the Tea Party… and all I could think about was how truly it characterized the administration of the Trump reign of error.

The polling numbers I heard yesterday really caught my attention… 42% of Americans want Trump impeached, 42% don’t. I guess that means 16% are undecided… for the life of me I don’t know what there is to be undecided about…

On another note, did I mention it’s hot and sticky?

Thursday, May 11

Overcast And Humid Morning Coffee Muses

Overcast And Humid Morning Coffee Muses

It’s another mockingbird morning…

Boy, how about those Republicans? Who are they going to send to the showers next? Coming up on the seventh inning stretch and they are falling further and further behind. They’re behind on Healthcare, they’re behind on that Russia thing they keep trying to bury. Their education cheerleader just got booed of the field. Their color commentator, Kellyanne, is becoming repetitive… And honestly, just a little… alternatively factual. It’s been a hell of a season and we’re only into spring training.

Folks, if you aren’t following this game closely, you are abrogating your duty as a citizen of this almost democracy. So, turn on anything but Fox and get with the news of the day before these buffoons gerrymander the country right into Trumpanistan. Even with my tongue in cheek commentary above, this isn’t a game. Everything happening harkens back to the very worst of Nixonian power abuses.

My one question, where are the Republican investigators who spent so much money for six years investigating nothing, finding nothing, doing nothing? Could it be, for once, they’re afraid the might find something, be forced to do something? I always heard that ignorance of the law was no excuse… What does that say about all of these Republican Lawmakers who seem to be acting just plain blindly ignorant?

And Donald, WTF, you fire the head law officer investigating your ties to Russia one evening and then have a closed door meeting in the Oval the very next morning… Damn, the one thing most people agreed about when talking about you was you media savviness, and you had to prove even that wrong.

Me, I plan to spend the next few days watching Donald Trump’s swamp fester and boil over. I just hope he doesn’t take the country down when he implodes…