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Monday, July 3

Motel Room  Morning Coffee Muses

Trussville, Alabama. It’s just a Quality Inn back off the interstate. Old style motel, well maintained rooms, restaurants within walking distance… even for me. We’ve stayed here before. It’s only a place to lay your head between two long days on the road.

If I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that traffic on the east-west and the north-south interstates are terrible. But I 59 traveling on a bias is not so bad… unless it’s pouring rain…

I guess I’ll go check out what’s on the free breakfast menu.


Sunday, July 2

The last mountain morning coffee muses…

The feel on the mountain changed last night. There were people here. The houses up and down the road filled up with people. You could hear talking and laughter well into the night. House lights were on across the road where we didn’t even know there were houses.

Driving down off the mountain yesterday, there was traffic without a construction project. Parking lots were full. People had come back to their mountains for the Fourth… we were the visitors.

After dark the sounds of fireworks reverberated through the ridges. The loudest coming over the ridge across the road. Beech Mountain celebrating their Fourth of July weekend. Looking down off the mountain, you could see the colorful flowers blooming all over the place.

Even the birdsong I had come to expect was subdued. It still is this morning…

Well, we have about an hour and a half to finish packing, load up, and head down the mountain one last time this trip to turn in the keys to Mountain Masterpeace.

Catch y’all down the road…

Saturday, July 1


Just Another Rainy Mountaintop Morning Coffee Muses

Woke to another wet morning of birdsong. At least none of the rain has been heavy. By the time we left yesterday the rain had died down to an occasional sprinkling. It didn’t start raining again till we were back home on the mountain.

Last evening I was watching clouds pass by down in the valley below. There’s something meditative about watching clouds drift by… from above. Might that have something to do with all of the eastern monasteries perched high on a mountainside? This morning’s clouds are blowing over our ridge and swirling around in front of us. About all we can see today are the ridges and knobs on our side of Laurel Creek. Everything further out is hidden in clouds.

Well, it’s our last day in the High Country so I better get moving…


Thursday, June 29

Thursday morning on the mountain

Thursday morning on the mountain

Another late morning start to my coffee muses…

The Day is starting out the warmest we’ve felt yet. 60° right now but breezy still from last night. Mt Airy was warm, over eighty, but not too bad. It was a nice little town, we had a late lunch at the soda shop. Cheese burgers and fries at prices that had Sherry thinking the menu was a stage prop. I ordered and liked my very first egg cream.

Today we will hang closer to the cabin. No long trips up or down the Parkway. Lunch will be at the little restaurant in Valle Crucis, Over Yonder,  where we have enjoyed meals before. The last time we ate there we sat out on the porch and watched deer feeding under the apple trees out back.

Breakfast is calling…