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Monday, April 24

Not As Cool As Expected Morning Coffee Muses

Not As Cool As Expected Morning Coffee Muses

It’s quiet for a Monday morning… And still. Only the slightest of movement in the red oak’s leaves. The buzz of the hummingbirds wings is so much louder than the traffic on the highway. A cardinals song is the loudest thing around. Way off in the distance a train is announcing a crossing.

The cool this morning was a bit disappointing. The low when I walked out wasn’t as low as yesterday’s. After anticipating a low 50’s greeting, 60 wasn’t what I expected. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate every cool morning mommy nature throws my way, I just really wanted one last really cool morning muse…

The mockingbirds have joined the morning chorus… I hadn’t realized how much I missed their command of their song.

This quiet day has been good for birdwatching. I spotted a great crested flycatcher in the pines. Then since I already had the binoculars up, when I saw a flash of red in the cypress I panned over thinking I always enjoy a cardinal backed by green… only it wasn’t a cardinal, what I spotted was a summer tanager. Now he’s in the neighbor’s mulberries, which don’t look all that productive this spring. And even with the twenty powered binoculars, at that distance it’s hard to make out the difference between tanagers and cardinals.

The coffee pot is whispering my name…

Sunday, April 23

Gusty Cool Beautifully Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Gusty Cool Beautifully Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Yea… The front made it through and the morning temperatures are where they should be….

It’s beautifully cool, breezy, mostly sunny… everything you could ask for in a spring morning. Distractions abound…

Granddaughters and puppy dogs. How are you supposed to concentrate on the muse?

It’s almost time for me to go in and fix Sunday brunch… Doesn’t seem like I’ve done much at all this morning.

Saturday, April 22

Beautiful Summer Preview Before Spring Returns Morning Coffee Muses

Beautiful Summer Preview Before Spring Returns Morning Coffee Muses

It’s quieter than usual out this morning. The cottontail managed a quick escape this morning… from a hawk gliding in low over the yard. I don’t think the cottontail was the main target , I think the hawk thought he had a squirrel on the ground. In my book the hawk can cull the squirrel population all he wants. They’ve been growing way too numerous these past few years…

The neighborhood pileated woodpecker is announcing his presence this morning. Moving through the little patches of woods that still border Mustang Bayou. It’ll be a sad thing when the woods are gone and so is the pileated.

The prognosticators are foretelling of a chance of rain when the cool front come thru. My worry this time of year is that the weather oracles will miss and the front will stall in Conroe. I mean, come on, I’ve been anticipating the two days of 50 degree mornings for a week now. Now don’t get me wrong, it won’t (or at least isn’t supposed to) actually reach 50 . But it will be in the fifties, upper in the morning and lower on Monday. A good fifteen degrees cooler than mornings for the last little while.

It’s that time of the morning, the Wal-Mart gulls are changing parking lots. They are actually laughing gulls but around here we only see them in the big parking lots. Every day a few or a lot will fly over the house coming from somewhere and heading somewhere else… laughing as they go.

Another cup of Joe is calling my name…


Friday, April 21

Still Muggy Warm Hazy Morning Coffee Muses

Still Muggy Warm Hazy Morning Coffee Muses

It’s quite out this morning. Still, just a slight breeze moving it’s way thru the deep green leaves. Almost everywhere you look, the light green of spring has given way to the deeper greens of summer. Is it still only April?

In the hour I’ve been out here there’s been a whole lot of moisture moving north from the Gulf. Long billowing cloud formations sailing by. If this continues, eventually, we are gonna see some more rain. So sooner rather than later I am gonna need to fire up the Deere and just hope the ground has dried up enough not to leave deep ruts…

I better get my other chores done so I can ride the Deere… Later…