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Saturday, April 15

Warm And Sunny Easter Eve Morning Coffee Muses

Warm And Sunny Easter Eve Morning Coffee Muses

I had to give up this post outside and bring it inside due to my own pigheadedness. I keep insisting every few months to try installing the WordPress App in my Kindle. Every time I do, it screws up the SD card and I have to remove it and plug it into the computer to scan and fix. I uninstall the app and tell myself I won’t do it again…. Then I do it anyway.

Now I’ve killed my window of opportunity to muse over my coffee… I’ll try again tomorrow.

Saturday, April 1

Another Cool Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Another Cool Spring Morning Coffee Muses

This day was my grandfather’s favorite day of the year. He loved to prank people on April Fools Day. Had he had his way every single day of the year would have been April Fools Day. Not that he stood too much on protocol, he’d prank you on any day he thought he could get one over on you…

Sadly, I am finishing this post on Sunday after watching my site go black in the middle of the last paragraph… So I’ll stop here and see if I can get the pictures I took this morning posted…

Sunday, March 5

Rainy Sunday Morning Coffee Muses

Rainy Sunday Morning Coffee Muses.

Yesterday I was out of sync all day. When your morning routine falls apart so massively you just don’t feel right for the rest of the day. When I sat down to take my photo and post it here, I had no idea it would take most of the day. This morning it’s the Kindle that’s acting up. But a hard reset seems to have been the answer this time. But, enough about the problems of blogging.

Today’s weather is cool and wet. Light, misty rain fell off and on yesterday. Today’s rain is light, but not so misty. The radar shows the heavier rains to our north and moving away to the northeast. Which is kind of strange as the surface winds are from the east-southeast. Right now it’s slacked off to almost nothing.

The wisteria is showing more hints of green and purple… it’s soon to be a dangle sculpture in the middle of the yard. All over town the azaleas are in full show.

Time to take my wife out to breakfast… And more coffee.