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Monday, May 29 -Memorial Day

Lite Rain Falling For A Cooler Morning Coffee Muses

Lite Rain Falling For A Cooler Morning Coffee Muses

Memorial Day, a day to pay homage to all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the ideal we call America. Started in the aftermath of terrible time when brother fought brother, cousins bore arms against one another. They called it Decoration Day back then, and decorations were placed on the graves of all at the battlefields of the Civil War. Today is a rainy cool day perfect for the contemplation of patriotism, service, sacrifice…

My great-grandmother was one of those Confederate War widows. She married my great-grandfather after the war. She had a young son with her when she married. My great-grandfather was too young to fight barely 15 when the war was over, but somewhere around that time he aged 5 years and married an older woman. Did he age to go to war?

Time to fix breakfast…

Sunday, May 28

It's A Muggy Cicada Sunday Morning Coffee Muses

It’s A Muggy Cicada Sunday Morning Coffee Muses

The cicadas are singing this morning. Summer must really be hear (pun intended). I started noticing the continuous buzz yesterday while tending the smoker. But, when it’s warm and muggy enough for them to make it sound like the summer afternoons of my youth in unairconditioned Texas, calendar be damned, it’s summer.

I pulled the briskets off the smoker last evening just before full dark. They were wrapped in foil, yes, the Texas crutch. Then I put them in a low oven to hold overnight. I was going to fire up the smoker this morning but it’s just to hot to sit out and watch the fire. So I think I’ll just crank up the oven and finish them in comfort. Here’s what they looked like about halfway through yesterday’s smoke…

I swear I can hear bluebird babies fussing from here as mom and dad make trip after trip with fresh bugs to fill the gaping mouths that never seem to get full.

Time to go fix breakfast so we can get this show on the road…

2pm – Meats done…

Saturday, May 27

Warm Sticky Start To A Saturday Morning Coffee Muses

Warm Sticky Start To A Saturday Morning Coffee Muses

I can hear a crop duster working off to the south. He’s probably spraying a rice field somewhere south of town. There’s a specific sound a crop duster makes as it swoops up and down over a field.

Yesterday afternoon the bluebirds were acting strange. They were fluttering around their house but not going in. I went out and checked the house and there was at least one hatching, maybe two, head up and mouth agape cheeping for food. Now the constant trips for food have started.

I can tell right now that firing up the smoker this afternoon is going to be a hot sticky affair. The temperature is supposed to be pushing 90° which means it’ll be at least 92°.  I probably should make a gallon of iced tea to take out with me.

My tablet is telling me I forgot to charge it last night so I should probably bring this to an end and post before I go and get an external battery to plug in to.


Friday, May 26

Overcast Early Summer's Morning Coffee Muses

Overcast Early Summer’s Morning Coffee Muses

Ceiling fans are working this morning. No sun shining, but the temperature is already climbing thru the upper 70’s. Steel gray skies over vivid green trees blocking the horizon. Flashes of blue and red in the trees bring out thoughts of decorations hanging in Christmas trees… Come to think of it, the temperature is mindful of Christmas day.

One month from today I should be sitting on the porch above a wonderful mountain view. Cook mountain mornings, fog rising down below, sun coming up over the mountains… A cup of hot coffee, steam rising, sitting at the outdoor table, listening to the world come awake. My favorite place, my favorite way to greet the day. Let the countdown begin.

I’m taking the wives to her annual doctors visit. Then it’s shopping for a big, beautiful hunk of brisket for Sunday’s dinner. I also need wood and charcoal… potatoes, cabbage makings for slaw… wine…

Gotta get moving…