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Monday, February fifth

Early Birthday Road Trip

No pictures yet, I’ll work on adding some in the morning.

It was overcast all day. A long gray road trip… The Wildlife Refuge was almost empty of birds. The most common birds  were ibis, I also saw a couple Mississippi KItes and a Crested Caracara. All day all I really saw in the sky were the Black Vultures.

I drove down to Surfside. The beach was treacherous with soft sand. I didn’t see and shorebirds on the beach. I saw one Brown Pelican land in the waves…

Next stop the Nash for lunch. I sat and watched a bunch of Sand Hill Cranes out in the Prairie, the first I saw. It was strange, I spent almost an hour on the prairie and didn’t hear a sound other than the few cars that passed by. No birds, not even the dozens of Sand Hills. Never in my life have I been around Sand Hill Cranes and they haven’t made any sounds.

From the Nash I headed north, thinking about Brazos Bend… Passing the turnoff only to see miles of construction on the road with flagmen… Home it was…

I’ll add pictures to this after I upload some…

Tuesday, July 18

It’s Chore Day And The Tablet Is On The Fritz Morning Coffee Muses

It’s early but the rains are already showing up today. Thunder is booming outside and the humidity is a thrice wiper today. Yesterday’s rains in the area started before noon and lasted pretty much thru the afternoon, hit or miss.  That’s the thing about the rains we’ve been having, they cover a large area but the actual thunderstorms are usually quite small. If they hit you directly, you get poured on… If they only brush past you get sprinkled on. But if they miss you by as little as a quarter of a mile, you stay dry even as the lightning flashes and and thunder rolls. It makes for interesting days.

I went out this morning to snap my normal photo and the Kindle is being screwy today. Every time I restart it and open the camera all I get is a black screen and then it freezes up. I am not having a great day with that. Finally got the camera to work but can’t get the pictures off the tablet. I do not know what the problem is but I’m tired of fighting it right now and I’ve eaten up way too much time today on this… So short muses, long time cussing… Back tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 5

Well, it’s finally happened…Summer hibernation mode. When the thermometer on the back porch is pushing 90° at 8:30 am even the fans can’t make it feel anywhere close to comfortable.

That means, for the duration of this season most call summer, my coffee muses will happen in my office staring at images that are more comforting in an environment that isn’t trying to drown me in my own sweat.

I know, not a very environmentally friendly attitude… But hey, the environment here in Texas at this time of year isn’t very friendly either. So, just to keep the tradition going, I’ll pop out each morning and take two reference shots for the day… One of the backyard and one of the thermometer. Other than that, I’m only going out into Texas summer to mow the grass or get in the car to go someplace.

I hope the weather is more hospitable where you are…