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A Town I Never Expected To Hear In The National News

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — President Obama came to this tiny middle American town Tuesday to invoke the spirit of a long-ago Republican president in a speech that laid out, in his sharpest language yet, the economic and social arguments he will probably use against Republicans in 2012.(1)

Osawatomie, Kansas…It’s a small town now. On January 7, 1907 when my Grandpa Sewell was born there it was just a bit smaller. But, when 30,000 people were in town for the dedication of the John Brown Memorial Park to hear President Theodore  Roosevelt give his speech on August 10,1910, Grandpa was already living in far south Texas.

I know of Osawatomie from the biography about my Great-Aunt Helen(2) that was published many years ago. Grandpa, you see, was much too young to remember anything about the town. He was barely past his first birthday when the family rode the train south to Hebbronville in Starr County on the Texas Mexican border.

So, you can imagine my surprise as I was driving yesterday to here the name rolling off the tongue of the news announcer. Reading a little history today, I see that the town wasn’t all that happy with the last Presidential appearance they had. I can only imagine their reaction to yesterdays speech.

(1) via Obama invokes Teddy Roosevelt in speech attacking GOP policies – The Washington Post.

(2)“Brush Country Woman” by Ada Morehead Holland

It Was The Best Of Times, It was The Worst Of Times…

OK, so I’m only half right correct…Let’s just call it the politics of the past.

Having decided to spend their first moments in power proclaiming their devotion to the Constitution, Republican leaders might at least have read the whole thing. The part, for instance, where slaves “bound to service” are counted as three-fifths of a person. The part where fugitive slaves cannot gain their freedom by escaping to a free state. Or the part where ordinary citizens do not actually get a direct vote for their senator. The United States Consti …tion – NYTimes.com.

Except…For many, those are the part they want back…

After watching this past election, I find myself scratching my head. Are we really going all the way back? Back to the 18th century? Back to the plantations and the time when indentured servants were the middle class? Back to when slavery was the law of the land?

After the past couple of decades, we seem to be heading there pretty quickly. Real wages for the majority dropping while the “landed class” adds to their treasures.

Yes it’s class warfare out their. And, guess what, we lost. So now these newly empowered politicians, who can spin the reasons for the election outcome better than anyone in recent history, are going to read…yes…Read the Constitution. Somehow they have managed to claim ownership of being the preservers of the Constitution even as many of them go around threatening to secede from the very nation the Constitution protects. Very 19th Century of them…

The Constitution deserves better than this airless exercise. It was a work of political genius, largely because its authors handed its interpretation to the open minds of posterity. The effect of Thursday’s reading, in case anyone was actually paying attention, was to wrongly suggest that the document was seamless and perfect, as if carved in marble rather than stained with sweat and American blood. The United States Consti …tion – NYTimes.com.

If they liked him any more…

…maybe they’d take away his parking space, too.

What is it with Republican Governors these days. Especially, Republican Governors with national aspirations. It’s almost as if they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Even members of their own party have noticed. And it seems as if they are trying to send a message…

The Texas House Friday voted to drain most of GOP Gov. Rick Perry’s office budget and instead spend the money on community mental health crisis services and veterans’ services.

The move, which came during House debate on a $178.4 billion proposal for the two-year period starting Sept. 1, immediately drew a reference to Perry’s recent comments about Texas’ ability to secede from the union. The comments have drawn national attention and some lawmakers’ ire.

“Two days after the governor threatens secession, the House zeroes out his budget,” said Rep. Richard Raymond, D-Laredo, House Appropriations Committee vice chairman.(1)

It’s times like these when I really miss Miss Molly…She would be givin’ “Governor Goodhair” what for in a heartbeat.

I was listening to the Hardball podcast yesterday morning as Chris Matthews had Tom Delay on trying to spin the secession comments made by Perry. You heard all of the old arguments that reared their heads back in the first attempt…states rights, sovereignty, etc…Then he went into an attempt to sell the assumption that if Texas attempted to exercise it’s treaty rights to split into five states the US Congress would kick us out. We wouldn’t have to secede.

It seems to me that all these old right-wing exes need to simmer down. While it may be true that in the crowds they run in these kinds of things are talked about often, I don’t think a majority of Texans are wanting to give up our American citizenship to follow these idiots off into the wilderness. And these are the guys who keep mentioning not drinking the cool aide.

Texas Republicans have made quite a name for themselves in the past two decades. It’s too bad they don’t realize what that name is…

Then Gail Collins had this to say…

We don’t want to blame all Texans for the high jinks in Austin. It’s a state full of lovely people, three-fourths of whom, according to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, have no desire whatsoever to secede from the United States.

But Perry really understands how that other quarter feels.(2)


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