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Thursday, November 9

It’s a 39th Anniversary morning coffee muses…

It was thirty-nine years ago that Sherry and I, with family and friends, met at the Justice of the Peace’s office in Pasadena to marry. It’s been an interesting journey ever since.

Happy anniversary Honey… I guess your stuck with me now.

Here we were at a Family Reunion in 1981 or ’82.  Weren’t we young?

Sunday, July 9

Happy 60th Birthday To My Brother Chuck

Sixty years of having a younger brother. We are two men who only really have family in common. But… no matter what… I love you brother. Have a great celebration of another milestone in a life lived fully.

The back porch muse this morning isn’t as hot and humid as yesterday… mainly because there’s a nice big cloud transitioning across the face of the sun. In this hellish summer season I’ll take any shade nature wants to throw out there and hope it lasts.

It’s getting to be breakfast time, so I’m gonna call this muse done… It’s Sunday quiet out here, even the birds are subdued in their song…

Saturday, June 3

Damp Early Morning Coffee Muses

Damp Early Morning Coffee Muses

It’s earlier than normal for me. I have a road trip ahead of me this morning. One I’ve taken many times over the years at about this very time of year. In the past it would have been to a family reunion. And in reality, that’s what I’m doing this morning. Except, we are gathering today to remember… and to celebrate, the life of one of our own.

Melba Colleen Boyd Blazek, my cousin, died a couple of weeks ago. Today we’ll gather to remember her life.

It’s been kind of strange growing up in my family… My dad was the youngest of twelve children, he was even the youngest in a set of twins. Almost all of my cousin’s were grown or in their teens when I came along. So Melba, while being my cousin, is just a year or two younger than my mother.

My mom is the last member of that generation of the family living. And we are losing my generation steadily. So today we celebrate the life of one of our own…