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Thinking Creatively – Are You?

Thinking creatively has been a goal in my life for as long as I can remember. Now I’ve run across this article…Who would’ve  thought it could be this easy?

creativity (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Want to boost your creativity? Tomorrow morning, pour some milk into an empty bowl, and then add the cereal.

That may sound, well, flaky. But according to a newly published study, preparing a common meal in reverse order may stimulate innovative thinking. via Thinking Creatively: Just Add Milk – Miller-McCune.

Maybe this is what the doctor ordered. I seem to be having a bit of trouble lately with both the creativity side and the discipline side of this whole blogging thing.  If all I need to jump-start my blog again is to change the order in which I fix breakfast, I might as well try it… Thinking creatively, should I put the blueberries in first?


WordPress Simple Security — Replace the “admin” account | Website In A Weekend


Here’s how.

  1. Login as “Admin” user.
  2. Pull down the “Users” menu in administration page.
  3. Click on “Add New”
  4. Add a new user, set your permissions to “Administrator”
  5. Save the changes, and log out.
  6. Log back in as the new user.
  7. Go to “Users > Authors & Users”
  8. Select “Admin” user.
  9. Use the pulldown menu for Bulk Actions to select “Delete.”
  10. Click on “Apply”
  11. You will be taken to a page that allows you to either delete all of that users posts, comments, etc, or assign them to another user. In this case, you want to assign all your existing posts from the “Admin” user to your new user, which you can do by selecting that choice, then selecting the appropriate user.
  12. Press “Confirm Deletion” and you’re done.

via WordPress Simple Security — Replace the “admin” account | Website In A Weekend.

In all of the articles I’ve seen on the web about upgrading your WordPress security I don’t think I’ve seen step 5 and 6 spelled out before…Damn, I have tried to make the changes on almost every reading and been stymied. Now I know why. It should have been obvious…I don’t know why it wasn’t. Thanks to Dr. WordPress I’ve now managed to make my blogs “more” secure. The only additional step I would add is to:

13. Edit your new profile so it has the same nickname and public name as your old one.

Just what I needed to start the week feeling better about myself. And talk about a round about path to finding this info…ProBlogger to Cleavage to Website In A Weekend. And now my rss subscription list gets a little longer…

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Dusting And Cleaning The Homepage…

After fighting through the issues this week after upgrading WordPress I decided it was time to speed up the opening of these pages…At least as much as I can living here on GoDaddy with all of the other websites.

Gone are the picture badges for my other sites. Gone are the cutesy badges. Gone are the java plugins. Tweaked this and that. Hopefully the speed improvements are worth it…

As I sit here this morning the change in the weather is marked…Yesterday, the sun rose into a cloudless sky over a frosty field out back. Today the sun was a red glow through a mostly overcast eastern sky on a 60° morning. From 36° to 60° in 24 hours…Gotta love Texas weather.

I spent an hour or more out back with grandson #2 after he got up from his nap yesterday. Barefoot and fancy free with the sun and a 68°. That’s what we face in the run up to Christmas here. None of that foot or two of snow my friends along the Blue Ridge are “enjoying” this week. Tho’ they are living in the “Christmas Card” winter wonderland…If you have a facebook account, go check out Fred First and Grandfather Mountain for some great snow shots from the weekend…

Today the weather prognosticators are calling for some rain and 72°…Ditto for tomorrow. This is the weather I dream of all summer long…lows at 60 highs in the low 70’s…Merry Christmas to me.

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