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Thursday, April 6

A Really Chilly Spring Morning Coffee Muses

A Really Chilly Spring Morning Coffee Muses

It feels like we’ve stepped back into winter this morning. Or at least, as much of a winter as we’ve had this year. The temperature is in the upper 40’s as the sun comes up. Some of the stations here in town are reading as low as 45 degrees. Feels pretty good out here on the back porch. For one of the few times this year I can see my breath fogging out in front of my face…

The birds are sure happy with the still, cool, sunny morning. The number of individual crows that fly over is amazing. Each and every one is looking to see if I’ve tossed out any stale bread. I don’t do it more than once every couple of weeks or so, but, they remember. And all day every day crows will fly over and check the yard.

It sounds like we’ll have another day of construction sounds. It’s not even 8:00 and we’ve had to loads of sand dumped next door. At least the workers don’t get that early of a star… The rumble of their heavy equipment is bad, but that Damn beep beep beep of the back up alarm will drive you crazy.

Once again the cottontail is out this morning. It’s becoming a daily thing, either morning or evening, but a sighting almost every day.

Time for another cup… and email is calling.

Wednesday, April 5

Cool Breezy Beautiful Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Cool Breezy Beautiful Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Cool winds are swirling about this morning. Swirling is the operative word too. The trees are dancing but my wind gauge is hardly turning while the wind direction vane is spinning like a top… I’ve watched a couple of crows fly over and they looked like they were flying drunk without a designated navigator.

The quiet of my mornings will be interrupted for awhile as site work started next door for the new neighbors house. Dump trucks began arriving to dump their loads at 7:45 and another shows up every few minutes. They were running a Cat bulldozer and a couple of big rollers yesterday raising the building site. They’ll be working for awhile as that site drops off from mine and they have to match my elevation. It’ll be interesting to see how their foundation is built to see if it’s as massive as our own…

It shouldn’t be too many more days until we start to see the grosbeaks and the buntings and the orioles moving through. I’m already spotting mulberries on the trees across the right-of-way. It would be nice to spot a painted hunting again.

I had an email from someone with the National Park Service. They had stumbled across one of my shots of Mabry Mill and want to use it in a new brochure on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I am honored that of all the images of one of the most photographed places on the Parkway they would choose mine. I can’t wait to see the brochure. Maybe it’ll be out by the time we visit this summer.

Mabry Mill

Tuesday, April 4

Feels Like Summer For This Morning Coffee Muses

Feels Like Summer For This Morning Coffee Muses

The weather has definitely turned in a summer direction. Yesterday the high in my microclimate of a backyard passed 90 degrees. That figure drives the Weather Underground crazy and they will drop my station off line because it reads three or so degrees warmer than any around me… Funny thing though, I have multiple sensors scattered around and old style thermometers and they all agree within a degree or two of each other.

Speaking of summer, I walked out on this back porch after a warm shower and it set me to reminiscing about the summers of my youth. You know the one’s I’m talking about, pre-AC summers, back then I can remember dreaming of a cool bath. Fill the tub with water as cool as you could stand and soaking until your fingers and your toes turned prunish then pulling a chair in front of the oscillating fan and enjoying a chill on a hot summer’s day…

Most of those summer afternoons were spent at the city pool. We always had a seasons family pass for the pool in our neighborhood. We would walk the most of a mile between our house and the pool, play for a few hours before walking back home. Day by day, week by week, long hot summer days between the end of one school year at the end of May and the beginning of the next at the start of September. The idle days of youth pre tv, pre videogames, pretty much pre everything we have today to keep you from thinking about much of anything…

Sometimes we would keep Monopoly games going for days in the garage next door. Sometimes we would just while away the time laying in a bed of clover watching the clouds blow by… That’s something every child should experience, laying in the cool soft embrace of clover. Looking for the four leafed one, watching the honey bees search from blossom to blossom… catching some in a mason jar then letting them go again. When the day comes to an end using the same mason jar to catch fireflies, then taking them in to put on the table by your bed to flash till you went to sleep.

Back then I had the upper bunk beside a double-hung window. The bottom sash was pushed up, the upper sash was pulled down and the attic fan in the hall was pulling the cool night air in thru the window. Going to sleep each night listening to the sounds of the night with a cool breeze constantly washing over me was almost heaven…

It’s probably what makes me require a fan blowing on me at night to this day…

I feel a need for more coffee….

Monday, April 3

An After The Not Quite Stormy Day Cool Morning Coffee Muses

An After The Not Quite Stormy Day Cool Morning Coffee Muses

This morning is cool and the air feels clean. Even though all of the forecasted stormy weather moved well to our north, the morning has an after the storm feel. Our resident cottontail is foraging out at the edge of the woods. The new feeders are located far enough from my rocker that the cardinals don’t mind me as they eat.

It would be a good morning to sit out and enjoy the day, but, my Forrester has an appointment at the dealership for 9:15 this morning so I better get moving… Just as soon as I finish my coffee.