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Wednesday, November 8

Overcast, cool and breezy, fall morning coffee muses.

The anticipated weather change arrived in the night. With the overcast holding the sun at bay, it should stay cool for a good part of the day. It’s cool enough that I had to switch the ceiling fans to low… I could probably do without but what fun would that be?

All things considered, it’s pretty quiet out today. Even the birds are hunkered down. The north breeze is blowing nicely. But my southern exposure is keeping me protected. What birds I am hearing seem to be almost entirely woodpeckers.

Every day this week, a lone monarch has been feeding on the milkweed. Sometimes it’s joined by a couple of skippers, sometimes by another orange colored butterfly or two.

The green is finally washing out of all the deciduous trees. Slowly they are all shedding their leaves as the leaves they have left change to yellow, brown and orange. It’s a slow, almost imperceptible change that shows up best when it’s not too bright out.

Time to refill my cup of muses.


Vacation Pictures – Day 4

So here is a selection of pictures from the fourth day on the mountains… Check out the post of that day Slept In On The Mountain Morning Coffee Muses – Wednesday, June 28.

We drove north on the Parkway almost to the Virginia line… Stopping at the Brinegar Cabin (to take pictures for the Facebook page I manage) and then driving down off the mountain to Mount Airy for a late lunch.