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Dog Days Of Summer

I have found myself swamped with a lack of umph these past few weeks. The heat and humidity of a SE Texas August has me spending all of my time just trying to stay cool…

I have been stuck in a procrastinating mode for days and days and days. I watch the radar images on my computer screen as the thunderstorms of summer just miss watering the grass in my yard by portions of a mile…Lightning flashes, thunder rolls across the land, the cool breezes of the cloud-tops drop the temperature by 10 degrees or more…But the rains don’t fall…here.

I find myself getting lost in fiction. Fantasy novels, sci-fi, historical fiction, mysteries, suspense…it doesn’t matter what kind of fiction. Day after day, after checking the mail (and email) it’s nose buried in book (or eBook)…I am beginning to understand the call of a Kindle.

My summer this year is a return to the summers of my youth. A glass of ice tea, a good book, and a place in the shade (or if the temps are closing in on the century mark…an easy chair in the AC) and I’m good to stay. It is really hard to get excited about much of anything outdoors when the breezes don’t blow and the sun shines down from a cloudless sky as the temperatures move north of ninety day after day. Even the sky seems baked almost colorless.

One day turns into two, two days become a week…then a month…time slips by and you don’t know where the days have gone. Hazed over in heat and dust…Each day marked by another alert on the weather site… Ozone Watch Issued…Heat Advisory…At least there are no more mosquitoes…

Even the dogs are spending the days under the house. Sometimes they don’t even seem to have the energy to come out to bark at the UPS driver as he makes his delivery. If only Sherry had enough time off for a mountain run…Then life would be good…

St. Louis Wandering

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The sunrise brought a weather surprise that made the day much better than we expected…And made the anticipated “birdwatching” that evening look better than we had hoped.

From the hotel room this is what greeted me when I rolled out of bed…

A cool front was moving through the area as I watched that morning. The day promised to be pleasantly warm and not as uncomfortably hot as it had been all week.

After a late breakfast, we wandered across the Interstate behind the hotel to enjoy the park surrounding the Arch. Of course there were photo opportunities to be had.

Taken from the middle of the intersection, the photo above just had to be snapped.

Then, once we were across the street, another shot presented of the same steeple…

We then wandered into the park and headed for the Arch itself.

I must admit standing at the base of the Arch left you with a feeling of smallness…Quite impressive.


Blue skies and blue steel…Man and nature…History and today…It all comes together at this point.

Tomorrow we will go “Birdwatching”

Summer Is Here

Let’s Talk Weather

You know it’s summer here on the Texas Coast when you step outside before sunup and the humidity settles around your shoulders like a heavy damp cloak.

At daybreak the mercury has been hovering in the mid-seventies on the thermometer for most of the past few weeks. That makes it early summer and not the dog days we will see a month or so down the calendar. When we reach those days we won’t see the seventies unless it’s raining here…And not all rain storms will bring the temperatures down this low.

At this time of the year, with the temperatures rising, my thoughts start turning to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Whenever it starts to become uncomfortable to have a cup of coffee as I muse over the mornings direction out on the porch, my mind takes me back to those summer vacations with my family on the North Carolina mountains. It’s a dream I still hold dear…

Spending My Days

This week has flown by…I’ve spent hours working on rebuilding my photoblog at GaryBoydPhotography.com. I have also been working on testing the new WordPress 3.0 Beta nightly roll outs. So far I am liking what I am seeing. If you would like to read more about my thoughts you can check them out at gary-boyd.com where I will be posting what I learn.

Another great time suck in my days comes in anytime I get an email with questions about my genealogy. It seems that whenever I start trying to answer those questions I end up spending at least an hour our two researching my answer…Which usually leads to another hour or so fleshing out the sources on a family…or two, or adding another layer to a distant cousins ancestors.


Last week I had to send the Deere to the shop. As we move into week three here without mowing and with last weekends rains having given the grass a boost in growing power, I have yet to hear when I will see my mower. Now this time of the year I generally cut mower and tractor repair shops a bit of slack, I know they are very busy. But…you knew there would be a but…when they promise to check on the status and call you right back…before noon…you expect to get a call that day. Don’t you?  At least they are not predicting any rain this weekend…

I hope your weekend is restful…