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A Tale Of A Simple Creek

A couple of weeks ago, I walked along a spring creek in the upper Madison Valley, just south of the town of Ennis, Mont. As my guide, Jeff Laszlo, explained, the creek is one of the unnamed tributaries of the Madison River, fed by innumerable springs along the valley’s rich bottomland. The creek meanders for miles before it reaches the Madison, gaining water, providing spawning grounds for fish and invaluable wetland habitat for birds. I looked on in disbelief, because the section we were hiking — nearly eight miles of cold, clear waters — did not exist before 2005. – via Editorial Observer – Restoring a Montana Spring Creek – NYTimes.com.

As usual, Verlyn makes us think. His tale of the rebirth of a stream brings to mind all of the stories I grew up with. Stories buried in the pages of The Whole Earth Catalog about Malabar Farm and other efforts to restore lost ecosystem.

I am glad Mr. Klinkenborg forced these memories out of my stuffed head. Because of his walk I took a stroll down memories lane myself. Googleing for the link above led me to the page the link will lead you to…A source of electronic versions of the very books I spent so many hours of my youth pouring over.

I studied the pages of The Last Whole Earth Catalog more than my school books at the time.  I would even venture to say, I learned more from the reviews in the Catalog than I did from many of those school books. It could even be said that Stewart Brand has more to do with the man I became than practically any teacher or mentor I ever had. Just studying the very variety of the subjects that were covered by the catalog and their arrangement and classification taught me the necessity to have a broad base of knowledge going forward in life.

I can even remember where I bought my copy in 1970, Space City News in downtown Houston a block or two from the Humble Building. At $5 it was a hell of a good investment. 452 pages of knowledge between over-sized heavy paper covers. It was huge. Many a night I would fall asleep with this monster on my chest…

Thanks Mr. Klinkenborg for the memories…And thanks Mr. Laszlo for taking on a project of the nature I grew up in awe of.

It’s a new week…The first of summer.

I find myself spending more of my time outside than I am used to. Yes, it’s hot out…And dry. It almost reminds me of my summer in south Texas back in the early 1970’s. Unusually dry heat for Southeast Texas at this time of the year.

Walking the trail I’ve laid out around the backyard and through the woods then along the bayou I am kept company by dragonflies. At times there are squadrons of thousand or more in the sir patrolling my path…There are a number of different species fly around these parts. I haven’t spent time yet trying to classify these from the pictures yet.

My only other regular companion is our dog Copper. Even she doesn’t enjoy the heat though, and tends to peel off and join her sister under the house after the first or second lap around the yard. It’s not like the winter walks I was taking where both dogs stayed with me for the entire session…Oh well, I can’t say I blame them for wanting out of the heat…If I wasn’t so out of shape, I’d give it up myself.

Here are a couple of the other species I find on my walks…

Here’s the other…

Enjoy your summer…


One of the things I like most about this thing we call Blogging is number 2 on Patry Francis’ list. And she ranks up there at the top of my amazing people list. Patry published this list back around Thanksgiving in Twenty O’Six. I stumbled across it again today as I was looking through some old posts in a blogger blog I set up privately just to archive this sort of article. It spoke to me just as loudly on rereading as it did when I first read it (and reread it and reread it…)

1. You will know yourself more deeply than you ever did before. No matter how old you are, or how much time you spent on your analyst’s couch, blogging will teach you something about yourself that you never knew. And it will do so on a daily basis.

2. You will meet amazing people who live in wonderful places; and you will grow hungry for travel. You will want to see faces, and hear voices,and sit across tables. But even if you never do, you will see and hear and know these people in a particularly meaningful way anyway.

3. You will try new things. You may find yourself writing poetry in previously unknown forms, or make collages, entering contests, or hosting festivals. You may even go outside and conduct science experiments in your back yard.

4. You will be challenged by people who don’t agree with you.

Do I know myself better now than I did when I started? I doubt I’ve done more than scratch the surface in knowing me. I have watched  the subjects I am passionate about grow and change over the past few years. I have rediscovered some of the youthful ideology that went away in the years I scrambled to support a family and get them raised (or not as the case may be).

But the amazing people I have met (virtually) along the way…That’s what keeps me going on with these meandering thoughts in electronic ink…Not a journal. I never could develop the habit. I own untold numbers of beautifully covered blank books…Mostly still blank. But set me down at this computer and sometimes the words flow out with a life of their own…Sometimes not.

New Things? Twitter Poetry lasted a few weeks…Blank verse in exactly 140 characters…Life changing…Not by itself, but, I took the shot and I may again.

And so it goes…If you haven’t met Patry yet wander over to Simply Wait and get acquainted. I’ll personally guarantee you’ll be glad you did…I know I have been.

Oh, and for the record…The ice cream quote….

My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just to enjoy your ice-cream while it’s on your plate. – Thornton Wilder

via SIMPLY WAIT: 10 WAYS BLOGGING WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE and a quote about ice-cream.