Sunday, February eleventh

The cold north wind is making the trees dance for my morning coffee muses.

After the warm days of the weeks end, the cold wind this morning is a shock to my system. Even though it’s much more seasonable. I guess I should turn the AC off and the heat back on.

Other than the sound of the wind, it’s extremely quiet out. Scattered birds are making their voices heard. A black cat just trotted across the yard.

Ok, I underdressed for the wind blowing out here. I’m going in to finish my coffee. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Saturday, the tenth of February

Rain, thunder, and more rain and thunder, a warm wet  morning coffee muses.

Sometime this morning I became aware that I was sleeping at the working end of as almost empty bowling alley… And someone was rolling strikes above my head. The lights would flash in my unlit room, and some seconds later, the ball would strike the pins sending them playing into each other with a resounding booming. The overnight rains now had a soundtrack.

As if the ground wasn’t soaked enough, I see water standing were I haven’t seen it standing since Harvey. It looks like ill have to wade out front to get in my car.

And tomorrow, we’re right back down into the 40’s for a high. The Texas yoyo weather pattern is here to stay till winter gets tired of us this year.

I guess the thunder was for my benefit, an alarm clock to drag me out of bed. Because, once I made it out here on the porch, the thunder quit.

Today almost feels like a preview of spring. It makes me miss the old swing we had on the front porch of the old house. A throw pillow and a book on a rainy day like this and life was good.

I’ve had a total of two birds on the feeder this morning… make that three. There’s a slacking of the rain at the moment. And more thunder in the distance.

I think I’ll take advantage of this break and move my car out of the standing water…

Friday, February ninth

A cool, quiet, wintery looking morning coffee muses…

It’s comfortable out here in the not so wintery feeling world. Sixty degrees is a long way from how cold it looks. Steel gray, featureless skies over a mostly monochromatic landscape.

A dog barking close. Crows in the distance. A train rumbling along as it toots it’s warning. Birds singing repetitiously, over and over again. Another dog barking, further away.

The breeze is picking up. The residual heat from my shower is wearing thin like the tank top I’m wearing. Cool gradually seeping in towards the bone as the sky brightens… just a bit.

The star magnolia out front is beginning to break bloom. Pink buds unfurling on bare branches. Spring is coming bringing winter’s doom. The battle isn’t over, but, the world turns towards summer once again.

I should probably pull the memory card out of the camera and see if I captured anything of interest on my Birthday Road Trip. The day was so lacking of interesting photo subjects I haven’t mustered the interest in working through the images.

Time for coffee and news…

Thursday, February the eighth

It’s a bright but cloudy, almost cold, morning coffee muses.

It’s late, I laid in this morning. So the morning birds have all moved on today. I can still hear plenty of birds around, there just aren’t as many flitting from place to place.

There’s a train moving down the tracks to the south. Announcing itself from crossing to crossing. Wheels rumbling on the rails.

Just a slight breeze ruffles the upper branches of the pines, not the hard gusty winds of the past few days. The winter woods have taken on a grayness that almost never touches this area, or at least not my backyard. So much of the undergrowth has lost it’s leaves this year that there’s a transparency to the world in places that are usually not…

There is a greenness growing in the yard. But, it’s the green of what I call winter weeds… The clovers, the Velcro weed, the wire grass. Growing and covering the sear brown pasture grasses I call my lawn. Though scattered throughout are patches of ancient San Augustine. The yard grass of the south.

Coffee’s almost gone, time to see what’s up with the rest of the world.


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