Saturday, October 14

It’s a pleasant almost fall morning coffee muses.

Mid seventies this morning. Blue jays and mockingbirds singing from the trees. A single hummingbird feeds from one of the feeders.

I thought about Deere meditations yesterday, but the grass didn’t scream cut me. Then I pulled up the prognosticators foretelling for next week and decided Deere meditations would be so much more pleasant when the day’s high was in the mid-seventies and not the mid-eighties.

The trio of squirrels that play in the oaks are running about enjoying the “fall” weather. Acorns fall all day long, the driveway is covered with crushed evidence of their abundance. I should expect to see an explosion next spring in our squirrel population. That alone will bring an abundance of hawks to my yard.

I am purposely letting some of the hackberries come back from the roots of the old trees that were scattered about the yard.  We took out the three that were almost on top of the new house when we built. Two others were lost to age and storms. Those are the ones coming back. And almost all of the ones in the woods were cleared when they cleared that acreage. It turns out hackberries are one of the main foods of the wintering flocks of cedar waxwings. I love those birds so I felt it imperative to let some new food trees grow.

The cup of muses is dry… enjoy your weekend.

Friday, October 13

A foggy Friday the Thirteenth morning coffee muses.

Warm, muggy, moisture visible in the air. Some visible yellowing beginning to show around the backyard… autumn progresses even as summer lingers. The dichotomy of Autumn on the Gulf Coast.

The sun is trying to break thru the layer of morning fog. But, so far at least, it’s just causing a glare in the sky.

Though, the fog has allowed the birds to sing all around the area. For some reason this seems to be the year of the blue jays. They are everywhere. They predominate in the birdsong, in the tops of the oak trees, even in the air above my yard.

I keep hearing what I think are Carolina wrens off in the woods. In past years they were constant visitors to my porches, but lately, seldom seen.

With the sun out now, the woods are filled with the sparkle of diamonds from every leaf.

My cup of muses is empty… enjoy the day.

Thursday, October 12

An unexpected, cool fall morning coffee muses.

Crows and blue jays… that’s the sound of this gorgeous, cool and sunny morning. The prognosticators were calling for morning temperatures of 70° or above. It’s actually 69° on the front porch and feeling cooler with the fan blowing. Add in the breeze and I think I can turn of the fan for now.

This has to be the strangest fall on record. The leaves are falling. Individually, turned brown amongst a sea of green. A single leaf fluttering down into the green grass. But, the predominant color this year is still summer green… actually, that isn’t totally true, it’s really a late spring green.

We seem to be mostly in a lull birdwise. The summer birds have moved on, the winter birds haven’t arrived, and the year round birds aren’t very plentiful. It might be a symptom of the changing nature of my surroundings. My mostly rural area is rapidly losing it’s character, becoming more and more civilized. I haven’t heard a coyote in years.

Once again the cup is empty and calling for a refill… enjoy the day.

Wednesday, October 11

What a beautiful fall preview of a morning coffee muses.

Walking out this morning it was actually cooler than the air conditioned house. That is such a rarity this fall that each instance is to be savoured. Even sitting in the sun couldn’t dampen the cool pleasure of the morning.

And so, like yesterday, I spent most of the morning in the rocking chair… reading. It was very quiet out. The only birds I saw or heard were a murder of crows flying over speaking ill of the world.

Now,  I’ve wandered back inside, had a bit of a late breakfast and perused the news and mail and I figured I should post the images I took when I walked out hours ago…

The weather prognosticators say we have one more below 70° mornings this week tomorrow. Then it back above that magic temperature until next Tuesday morn when they are foretelling of another cool frontal assault. This one to last another two days…

It’s coming up on noon, so I better close these morning muses while I have the chance…

the ramblings of my brain over that first cup… and other meanders