Saturday, August 19

It’s A Warm, Not Too Muggy, Morning Coffee Muses

The only sound this morning, other than the hammers on the construction site, are the cicadas in the cypress tree. The dog days of summer are here. The past week, stepping outside you could really feel the heat. The afternoon air has a feel, a smell, some characteristic that brings deserts to mind.

This is the part of the year that makes me want to run to the mountains. Elevation is the answer.

It’s butterfly time around here. I see a dozen or so species around here each day. Between the milkweed and the chaste tree and the lantana, they come and go all day.

Coffee’s gone, I need another cup… And a cooler location for my muse.

Solar Eclipse, August 2017

Most Americans won’t see this year’s total solar eclipse, the first in the Lower 48 states since 1979.But a partial eclipse will be visible in every state on Aug. 21. Just don’t look directly at it without eye protection specifically designed to do so.

Be sure and check the weather, pray for clear skies, have viewing apparatus ready if you are anywhere inside even the smallest section of the viewing area… Then enjoy the show.

Source: A solar eclipse is coming in August. Here’s what it will look like where you are. – Los Angeles Times

Friday, August 18

An Early Start For Me And The Builders Next Door Morning Coffee Muses

I am not a morning person. Never have been. But today started at 5:30. And for the workers next door, they started their hammering at 6:30. My main chore for the day is my Deere meditations, so, early is probably good. What with afternoon temperatures pushing 100°, early is better.

It’s been a busy week next door. They have gone from foundation forms to an almost framed house in four days. At this rate they should have a roof on it soon.

I find much of my day consumed by my disdain for the conservatives in my country. To think that anyone still believes that Confederate memorials, statues, or symbols in this day could be anything other than symbols of white supremacy just amazes me. I have no problem with them on a battlefield, in a cemetery or in a museum. But, parks and public squares, places where heroes are honored, is not the place to put statues of men who led a rebellion in support of slavery.

To have the President try and equivocate Robert E Lee with Washington and Jefferson is just wrong. Wrong headed, wrong hearted… just wrong. And when a majority of people polled think the statues should stay up… Well, I thought better of my fellow citizens. I am saddened to discover I was wrong.

I have finished my coffee, my muse, and my hopes for American greatness. Gotta go…

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