Thursday, December 7

Another day of cold, rainy winter-like weather for my morning coffee muses.

It’s sad but I have no idea where I put my winter glow especially with the touch screen pads on the fingers. I could use them about now. But, it’s been so long since we’ve had weather like this, that I’ve forgotten where I may have put them. So here I sit, with a wool sock on one hand, typing with just one finger sticking out of the sleeve of my jacket, listening to the rain lightly falling as my coffee chills in it’s insulated cup.

Yesterday I saw my first robins in two or three years. Once upon a time they were constant yard decorations every winter. Then they weren’t. I never could figure out what happened. So, it’s nice to see them back.

Actually, yesterday was one of the best bird days I’ve had in quite awhile. I couldn’t count the chickadees, the yellow-rumps, the titmice, there were even a few pine warblers, cardinals, mourning doves, a phoebe or two, and a couple of unidentified visitors. I sat at my desk all afternoon facing the widows with the bird book and my binoculars by my side. Hopefully, today will be a repeat.

I do need to make the long trek over to Dickenson to do some shopping today. I’m not looking forward to the trip in this wet weather. But it can’t be helped…

It’s time for breakfast… and a warmer cup of Joe… though it’s kinda calming watching the rain come down. Catch ya on the flip side…

Wednesday, December 6

A cold, windy, wet morning coffee muses.

There’s a cold north wind causing the trees to shiver and shake. This back porch is somewhat protected from the wind but it finds it way in and around my rocking chair. So… for the second time this year I find myself layered in fleece, hood and all.

According to the prognosticators, the temperature isn’t going to vary much at all today. It’s in the mid-forties right now and that’s where it will hang out until nightfall when it will dip even further.

The predominant sound this morning is the wind blowing thru the trees. The birds must be huddled up in thick brush wherever they can.

I think I should follow the example of the birds and huddle up indoors for the day… though, I do need to go to the post office and find out why they couldn’t deliver the package they say they “attempted” to deliver yesterday. I guess I should do that sooner rather than later…

Tuesday, December 5

Overcast and warm before the weather changes morning coffee muses.

Garbage trucks are banging by this morning, disturbing the overall quietness of the morning. Ceiling fans are spinning at full speed, causing a background roar at just audible sound levels.

According to the prognosticators, the weather change will roar in about noon bringing an increasing chance of rain for the next couple of days. I will not complain, we’ve been in a bit of a dry spell for a while. If nothing else, this cold front will suck what’s left of the green out of the cypress trees and the red oak… if the strong north wind doesn’t just blow all of the leaves away.

The birds really appear to like the overcast skies. I always see them move thru earlier and in greater numbers on the days the sun is hidden. On sunny days I don’t see hardly a bird before 9 a.m., on cloudy days they are about before 8:00.

I just checked the radar and the fronts over downtown Houston. There is a long line of shower to the north, and another building in to the south. Both are drifting to the east along the frontal boundary. It looks like the prognosticators will be right about plenty of water falling from the cold clouds. As a matter of fact, it’s starting to mist rain now.

Breakfast calls….


Monday, December 4

Overnight rains washed away the dry, dusty overtones for a clean, fresh morning coffee muses.

The clean, clear air is totally different from what we’ve been seeing of a morning. No haze, no fog, just sun shining brightly. So once again I’m on the shadier front porch watching the Monday morning traffic go by.

The temperature is moderate for our fall. The backyard in the sun was reading 72° when I came out. Out here on the shady front porch it’s 69.9°. It would feel better if there was a bit of a breeze… ahhh, there’s one now.

It started raining about 6p.m. yesterday. And it continued to bang and boom for a couple of hours before settling in to just a gentle rain till about 10:00. We really needed the rain. This morning the clouds are drifting slowly to the north. There must be more of them than I thought because the sun has been gone for a while now…

The prognosticators are foretelling of a high today of 80°, a high tomorrow of 78° with a 90% chance of rain… then the temperature starts falling all the way down to a low on Wednesday morning of 46° climbing to a high of 56°. It looks like, if the prognosticators can be believed, that we will have a few days of autumn at least. And with a low of 39° overnight on Saturday into Sunday, a fire in the fireplace might be in the general forecast.

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