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Thursday, January 19

Cool and Wet Morning Coffee Muses

Cool and Wet Morning Coffee Muses.

There’s a light rain falling. Water babbling in the downspouts. For the first day in a while the temperature is in the 60 degree neighborhood. I can’t remember when morning started below 70.

The birds are relatively quiet today as they flutter about looking for a protected place to wait out the rain. Speaking of rain, yesterday’s was probably the strangest I’ve seen in a while. My wife drove in to work in Houston and ended up having to drive through flooding streets. All morning long Houston fought another round of widespread flooding. And across the southeastern side of the city no rain fell. We didn’t get any rain at all until after 2 p.m.

On a side note, I want to thank President Barack Obama, on this his last full day in office, for his service to his country. I assure you, Mr President, your absence will not go unnoticed. The entire world will look back on your times in office with a different set of eyes shortly. Principles matter. Thank you for using yours to lead us for the past eight years. You will be missed.

Afternoon Coffee Muses

After the rains, the sun has played hide and seek in the clouds. But it’s still cool enough to not need the ceiling fans…

Afternoon Coffee Muses

Setting Sun In Back Yard

Wednesday, January 18

Wednesday, January 18

Another Muggy Morning Coffee Muses.

Clouds rushing north. As if to a winters party. A party I didn’t get an invitation to. Snow and ice, it’s a Game of Thrones themed party. Winter is coming… so they tell me.

It feels and sounds like spring here, though. Birds singing all around. Cool breeze blowing. Temperature is in the seventies once again. If I close my eyes, I could be sitting on the porch of a cabin in my favorite mountains on any summer’s day. But, it’s only in my mind that I can see the Blue Ridges fade into the distance.


There, you can see it too…

Tuesday, January 17

Warm and muggy Coffee Muses.
Even the birds sound subdued this morning.

I think I have their malaise. 74 degrees and 96 percent humidity, that’s a warm summer’s day in a big portion of the country. I live for our winter weather… I endure spring and fall… I hibernate during our hellish summer… But our mostly cool, mostly sunny winters… Those are the days that keep me sane. And, sadly for me, those are the days that seem to be all to rare as I get older.

Looking at the picture above, you would not believe what it feels like on the porch this morning. We hit 80 degrees again yesterday in the backyard. That’s three day’s in a row that I’ve noticed. Not January weather, that’s for sure. We have been pushing record highs all month… With the exception of the two days we actually tried to hit record lows. 

Monday, January 16

Warm and Sunny Coffee Muses.

It’s already 75 degrees on the back porch. Ceiling fans and a breeze are the only thing making it comfortable.

This could be any summer morning, not every winter morning. Starting off in the mid seventies is not normal January weather. At least the birds are happy.

The prognosticators aren’t calling for anything cooler before the weekend. And, after two days of spring, it’s back into summer.

The guy who maintains the pipeline right-of-way just roared over the house in his helicopter. That’s how he decides where to send the mower crews next. From the look of my section, we shouldn’t see them for a while.

My email is calling my name..