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Monday, January 23

Another Sunny Winter's Coffee Muses

Another Sunny Winter’s Coffee Muses. 1458 days.

The thermometer says it’s cool. The skin on my arm says not so much. It’s still. It’s quiet. It’s sunny. I think I’ll turn on the ceiling fans…

I just had a number of red tailed hawks doing their thing loudly along Mustang Bayou. I love watching them. Everyvery winter brings so many hawks to the area. That’s one of the things it’s my favorite season here. But, when you get a number of red tailed hawks talking to each other it gets loud rather quickly.

You know it’s quiet when the sound of the ceiling fans is the loudest background noise you hear. Oh, the cardinals are singing, there is a couple of mockingbirds by the kumquat, I hear chickadees in the cypress tree… But really it’s just a nice quiet morning on the back porch.

I think I’ll just hang out here and chill before I start checking the news and getting upset…


Friday, January 20

Slightly Foggy Coffee Muses

Slightly Foggy Coffee Muses.

The air is cool and heavy. Slightly foggy. Carrier of sounds.

The traffic on the bypass seems right next door. A roar of synthetic rubber on wet concrete amplified by wet air.

The sun’s warmth is muted as it burns through the damp layers of air and water. Now gone completely as the clouds win the eternal battle for the moment. Clouds that recently kissed the earth instead of sky. Dew so heavy on the grass it glistens, it sparkles whenever the sun momentarily wins out.

Way up in the live oak tree what looks like a spiritual whisp sways to and fro in the breeze… On closer examination it becomes a large spider web covered in leftover fog.

The cardinal’s song cuts the air singing from the safety of the cedars. Seagulls fill the sky looking for the sea… or maybe just a parking lot. The small birds of winter flitter here and there looking for breakfast as they chitter and cheep.

Once again the sun has been overcome by the clouds and the slight warmth has succumbed to the mornings chill. The battle continues, sun and clouds, clouds and sun, warmth and chill. A winters morning, but dressed as if it’s summer, in the rocker on the back porch.

Monday Morning Coffee Muses, January 9

This morning we are back in that gloomy weather groove to start the week. Though, I must admit, the mid 50’s feel much more comfortable than the mid 20’s of a day ago. Who am I kidding, it feels better than the 40 degrees it was at sundown last evening. It may not be t-shirt and shorts weather… but, I have a jacket on… And wool socks…

This morning is a bird and dog morning. The predominant sounds are birds and dogs. Call and response…birds answering birds, dogs answering dogs. This weekend’s freezing cold did do one thing. It killed most of the green left in the landscape. Even the grass now has a more wintery seared look.