Friday, September 22

Deere Meditations Interrupted By Broken Belt

It’s hot, it’s humid, It’s just another summer day as we start into fall. I didn’t muse this morning because I was making the sugar water for the hummingbird feeders. Out of eight feeders six were dry are almost dry. After distributing out a gallon of new sugar water the hummers seem happy.

I started my Deere Meditations about noon… I waited for the grass to dry a little more before I started. About a third of the way through I could tell I wasn’t going to finish before the belt let go and broke. There’s a sound the deck starts to make before the belt falls apart and breaks and I was hearing it the last three times around the yard.

Since working on a hot mower is no fun I’ll have to wait for Monday morning to get out and replace the belt. So another long day of Deere Meditations to start the week.

Now, for a glass of ice water to cool of… mañana.

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