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The Pledge of Allegiance is a mystery to me, promising fealty to a piece of cloth — and “to the republic for which it stands” — what does that mean? Am I granting my support of gerrymandering, suppression of voting, rivers of campaign cash to buy time on the airwaves that belong to the people? I said the pledge in grade school. I don’t say it anymore. You can’t make me. But I love to sing about the dawn’s early light and the broad stripes and bright stars when I am standing next to other people who are singing it too. I would sing it with the same pleasure if I were standing between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Wayne LaPierre of the NRA. It’s not about them or me, it’s about all of us and our survival.

Source: Of thee they sing with feeling – The Washington Post

Wow, Garrison made me think again… And all things considered I still find myself in agreement with the upper Midwest brand of populism that seems to have grown old and feeble along with the citizens who once expounded it’s ideals.

This mornings muse was interrupted by a repairman, I had to have  one of the sprinkler heads on the septic repaired, so I was out bright and early in the heat and humidity. Now it’s rain showers off and on keeping the grass wet as I work on getting the yard mowed. Though Deere Meditations in the humidity we’ve been having is not a pleasant thought.

The image above was taken on a trip down to Galveston when I first got my first digital camera. I was riding the ferry to Bolivar when I caught the way the ships in the channel lined up behind the American flag.

It was on the same trip I caught site of the above as I left the ferry. Another bit of history blown away by Hurricane Ike…

On another note the Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds are building in more and more each passing day. We haven’t reached peak yet, but when I look out my window, I sometimes see a dozen or more weaving around each other.

Anyway, go check out the piece Garrison wrote in the Post…Of thee they sing with feeling – The Washington Post


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