Can We Just Call It Over Yet?

97.9 °F
Feels Like 116 °F
That’s what it says on the Weather Underground page for my place right now. I spent 2+ hours this morning riding the John Deer around the yard today and it was hot. But right now… Three hours later… It’s just ridiculous. Now, granted, feels like 116° beats actually being 116° any day of the week. But even when it just feels like it’s 116° it feels hot.
Many years ago, the company I was working for decided to send all of us “Designers” to a company meeting. Being in the industry and frugal to boot, they got a god deal on a Vegas venue… In late July. I remember sticking my head out the window of my room at 10pm and thinking I could probably bake cookies on the ledge. That’s the kind of heat I’m feeling when I walk out of the house right now.
At least we had a bit of rain a couple of weeks ago. It isn’t as bad as it was this time last year.
I think I’m done with summer. Especially since it started over a year ago. Now, it’s time for a good soaking rain… Just no tropical storms, please.
Oh, on another note, If you are looking for a online outline app have you looked at WorkFlowy? Fred First linked to it the other day and I am trying it out. It seems pretty well thought out and best of all(?) it’s free. If you like lists and outlines as a way of staying on top of things you might want to give it a try…

2 thoughts on “Can We Just Call It Over Yet?”

  1. I wish we could call it over. I’m lucky enough that I have shed work right now, but I have a boat I need to finish and it’s just impossible to do it in this heat. Never mind me – the wood is mostly too hot to sand or vanish. And there’s no taking a sailboat into a shed!

    I saw your mention of WorkFlowy on Twitter this morning. I picked up the link and will look it over. I’m not sure I really need it, but I’ll give it enough of a look to make an informed decision. It looks pretty straightforward – always good!

    1. My outdoors to-do list keeps getting longer and the time I want to spend outside keeps getting shorter…Summer in SE Texas. I would imagine any kind of sanding work right now would be pretty miserable. Sweat and sanding dust just don’t seem to mix to well.

      WorkFlowy seems almost like a mindmapper for list makers. I have tried to do both a number of times before… I always end up back with pen and paper. But I like the look of this one better than any I’ve tried before. Time will tell.

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