Thinking About Where I Am Headed Online

The past couple of weeks have found me spending more time outside with my 18 month old grandson and less time living  online.

Of course the weather has made it easier to be outside enjoying spring than inside adding to a blog. These spring days are rapidly feeling more and more like the nice summer days in the mountains of my dreams. The night-time temperatures are staying in the upper 50’s and the daytime highs keep pushing the 80’s. The march breezes kept it from feeling oppressive.

I am also in the continuing process of trying to figure out how to make this playing online into a real job…And if I could make a little money at it the wife would really be happier. I am in the beginning stages of figuring out a purpose for my Mountain Dreams sites. I am starting to come up with a plan for I will, probably, refine this site a bit and try to focus it more on my morning rambles, both online and in real life.

The few of you who stop by regularly, bear with me while I figure this all out…For those of you who subscribe to my feeds, thanks for being there…Me, I’ll be spending more time sitting outside mulling over the path I am on.

I stepped out my back door the other day to capture the light, the mist, the apple tree  and the wisteria. Have a great day.

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