Twitter Phishing Scams Are Becoming More Common

It is beginning to be an everyday thing. A DM from someone on Twitter that’s not…Leading to a fake login page…

Another day, another phishing or malware scam on Twitter. It seems like these are happening entirely too often, and the reason is that people continue to ignore common sense. Very, very rarely will a site hijack an account of some type without getting input from the account holder. The scam du jour is a Twitter hijack attempt that asks for a username and password, and once received will not only DM your followers with a message, but will also post it publicly on your account. The message will appear as one of the following, or a close variant:

* hah, i think i seen u on here

* this you?

* lol this vid is funny.

* haha check out this vid

DO NOT FOLLOW THESE LINKS AND GIVE YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION!!! This page will take your Twitter login credentials and hijack your account. As of right now it appears to only try to propagate itself by getting others to log in, but it could use your account for other reasons. If you did receive this and you did “log in”, you must CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY!!!

via New Twitter Phishing Scam » Matt Singley | Social Media Optimization.

Just a word of warning…Watch out.

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