Tuesday Shorts

Some quick observations of no importance to anyone but me…


Living for a week or so on a laptop belonging to someone else is frustrating to say the least. Even a laptop that you set up for that someone else. Even with admin rights and my own profile, even with my bookmarks copied over…It’s still all of the little things that you don’t realize you have missed until you miss them. Like the full size keyboard and the 17″ widescreen monitor.

After a short 45 minute call with Dell yesterday it was decided that the motherboard on my laptop needs to be replaced…Replaceent to take place today by noon. It looks like the two year extension on the two-day on-site service I forgot I purchased was a good investment afterall.

It will be nice to be back on my own laptop. It’s been tough not being able to email each other from opposite ends of the kitchen table over morning coffee and evening cocktails…


What’s with all of the rain we are suddenly getting? It is getting a bit worrisome. Now don’t get me wrong, after years of being on the deficit side of normal, we need the rain. But…I don’t think we need to push the 10″ mark on the raingauge every time we get a two-three hour shower. Thats not rain. That’s someone forgetting to turn off the fire hydrant in heaven.

I keep waking up to water standing all over the yard…It’s been so long I forgot what that was like…


Along the same line of thought…What’s with these mosquitoes? Did we really used to live with the biting swarms of insects all of the time back when weather was “normal”?

Intellectually, I remember those days, but the past few years sure spoiled me to a more civilized mode of living. I mean being able to walk out of your house without self-poisoning your personal environment with all of the versions of “Deep Woods Off” that they sale down here in our non deep woods…


Oh, and I almost forgot… I really, really miss my daily podcasts…No Rachel, no Keith, no Garrison, no catching up with missed episodes of Bill Moyer’s Journal…I miss it I do.


Gotta run Grandson is demanding some quality cuddle time…..

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