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Reflect on the fact that we have just this one life. Stay with this thought for as long as you can bear. What is important to you? What do you want to do about it?


How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. ~Annie Dillard

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I am always amazed when my morning muse leads me to such an insightful post…

One Life. Live it.

Thanks Fiona…

Discovery…Authors and Philosophy?

I seem to enjoy finding blogs written by authors. One of the latest I’ve wandered across is by Fiona Robyn. She posted an article yesterday that popped up via my feed reader today. The title of the piece was How To Slow Down. I found this section in particular spoke to my life history…

Enjoy slow

Cultivate your appreciation of slow. Living slowly can be an acquired taste – we can get used to the adrenaline rush of living in the fast lane. Cook slow delicious food and eat it slowly. Gaze out of the car window at the clouds unless you’re driving. Listen to slow music on your i-Pod. Re-read a book you love slowly – sentence by sentence. When you catch yourself trotting along the pavement, slow down and look up at the intricately carved buildings or down at the luminous irises outside the florists. Write down one shining detail a day – the exact colour of the sky, the scent of your jasmine tea. Savour. Relish. Luxuriate.

via How to slow down – Fiona Robyn.

My life history in the trade show industry was always in reaction mode on speed…There was always a disaster happening for someone on the trade show floor and our job was to react and contain their problem and make it right. An it all happened in a matter of hours, or at most a couple of days. It was our ability to fix problems as they happened, and they always happened, that kept us in business. It was our deep resources of personel and suppliers that allowed us to respond in rapidly shorter timeframes over the three decades I was in the business. And the speed of the business has done nothing but go faster as the years have gone by.

In the past few years though, even while I was still working, I managed to bring a few of those moments of slow into my daily life. Even if it was only for a few minutes, those minutes managed to make the day better…

Mark Bittman Obsesses About Veganism, Priuses, Carbon Footprints and All That : TreeHugger

We love Mark Bittman for his sensible approach to cooking and eating. The name of his column in in the New York Times,Scryve Corporate Social Responsibility Rating The Minimalist, says it all. In a recent web interview, Bittman expounds on ecological eating and his philosophy on cooking. Check out the charmingly unedited video from Obsessed with Smantha Ettus.

via Mark Bittman Obsesses About Veganism, Priuses, Carbon Footprints and All That : TreeHugger.

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