Autumn Muses

This time of year I find myself following the weather trends at the homes of my friends as much more than our own. As you can tell from the lack of activity here, I tend to go into hibernation come summer, and wait for the cooler seasons to show here. But as I looked at … Continue reading Autumn Muses

Summer Time Blues

This has been a poor excuse of a month. A couple of weeks ago I was greeted with an email telling me this website and all of the others I host here had been disabled… Shut down for a breach in my terms of service. Seems, at least according to my hosting folks, I had … Continue reading Summer Time Blues

July 1 Muse – 2015

Wednesday Morning Coffee Muses – As I set here on my back porch reading the morning news, the stories are beginning to make me sad. We Americans keep fighting the same battles over and over and over again… Why? Because it’s God’s will… That seems to be the only answer that ever comes through. It’s … Continue reading July 1 Muse – 2015