July 3 Muse – 2015


Friday morning Coffee Muses – there is a smell of rot in the air… a feeling that vegetation has sat too long in water. It is a smell that has been all to common this rainy year. It is the odor of life forced into overdrive… growing too much, too fast, falling into death, rotting […]

July 1 Muse – 2015

Red Church

Wednesday Morning Coffee Muses – As I set here on my back porch reading the morning news, the stories are beginning to make me sad. We Americans keep fighting the same battles over and over and over again… Why? Because it’s God’s will… That seems to be the only answer that ever comes through. It’s […]

June 26 Muse – 2015

Friday Morning Coffee Muses… It’s a nice morning to be sitting on the back porch with my coffee. The summer weather pattern looks to be well established… Clear blue skies with just wisps of white to start the day… then beautiful cumulus clouds building up along the coast to my south… beginning their trek inland, […]

June 25 Muse – 2015


Thursday morning Coffee Muses​ from the back porch… Well it doesn’t feel as cool as yesterday, but, then again… it doesn’t feel as hot as Tuesday. So all in all, that’s a good thing. Sitting here on one of our rare cloudless days makes me glad to be able to enjoy it… You know it’s […]

Wandering Around The Web

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You never know where a thought may lead… I was reading my Facebook feed this morning and saw a post from Texas Music TV… When Pat mentioned that the song was from Jon Randall, It led me to a song I’ve loved for a while… Carolina Moon by Jon. Googling around for that song I found […]

June 24 Muse- 2015

June 24 Muse

Wednesday morning Coffee Muses​ – Walking out on the back porch today was much different than it has been for the last week or so… The humidity is down to a less tropical feel and the temperature is a few degrees cooler than it has been trending. It’s funny what just four or five degrees […]

June 23 Muse – 2015


Tuesday morning Coffee Muses… still hot and humid on the back porch. I have been struck by a continuing feature of this year… The lack of sunny days continue to be in stark contrast to past years. When I wander back thru the almanac feature in the Weather Underground, for every month this year the […]

June 22 Muse – 2015


Monday morning Coffee Muse… Well, summer has descended upon us and the back porch in the morning is becoming a place to sip iced coffee. The trouble with that is, I’ve never developed a taste for iced coffee… I still managed to make it through my email and Facebook updates before calling for a retreat […]

Just Saying

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That is all…

June 21 Muse – 2015

June 21 Muse

Sunday morning Coffee Muses​… it’s another overcast, warm, muggy, still morning on the back porch. Before 7am and above 80º, not the way I like my days to begin. It’s mornings like this that leave with my mountain dreams… a rocking chair on a back porch watching the fog rise out of the valley below […]