The Weather Prognosticators Are Foretelling Of Rain

I was checking the forecast for the next ten days and this is what I found on the Weather Underground. I think they are foretelling a lot of rain in my future.

The wind directions look interesting also… Must be some of the weather my brother-in-law, Nigel, keeps talking about up in NE Texas.

Looking at the projected temperatures it almost looks downright fall like. Highs only in the 80’s, what will I do with myself?

Tuesday, August 22

Another Almost Cool, A Bit More Humid, Mostly Clear Morning Coffee Muses

The sky is like crystal, a blue so clear, so clean… only to the east is it marred by a single low riding thundercloud.

The hummingbirds are feisty, chasing each other away from the feeder. Aeronautical dogfights taking place at eye level.

The red birds, cardinals all, cheeping here, there. Flashes of color, red on green, rusty brown back in the deepest of green sheltering shadows.

A lone egret crossing the sky. Brilliant white on a blue background. Searching for a cow to follow for the day…

Blue jays fussing in the woods, no telling at what. Making their presence known.

Coffee’s gone once again, time to muse on…

Monday, August 21

An Early Cool Morning Coffee Muses

It’s really nice this morning. The temperature is 75.9°. We haven’t seen it that low in months. Yesterday’s rains seem to have washed the heat right out of the air. Even the morning light looks different.

And boy did we have some rain yesterday. The entire time we were at the Chinese Buffet it poured. It made the fried froglegs I was eating feel highly appropriate. When we got home the rain was coming down so hard and fast it was sheeting across the drive in places I had never seen it before.

The carpenters are back at it this morning. They worked half a day on Saturday and took Sunday off. The neighbor was out Saturday afternoon looking over the progress. It a little amazing how quickly it’s gone up.

Well, I gotta go get ready soon so this’ll be short.

Sunday, August 20

Just A Tad Cooler Morning Coffee Muses

Happy Birthday to my mom. This marks her 84th trip around the sun. Since I am such a dunce with the memory thing, I’ll be hand delivering the birthday card I have for her.

I am not sure why, but the temperature is a couple degrees or so below what I’m used to this morning. It’s a nice change, I do not expect it to last. Even the monarch feeding on the milkweed seems happier. Now she’s laying eggs. There are even birds calling about the backyard.

It’s the first time in weeks that I can recall a totally clear blue sky. There’s not even a smudge of a cloud on the horizon. I suppose there could be something to the north but I can’t see it. Wedgwood Blue over Irish green… beautiful.

Well, I need to go fix breakfast, so it’s time to send these muses out on the ether…

the ramblings of my brain over that first cup… and other meanders