Tuesday, October 17

Finally, a beautiful autumn morning coffee muses.

Given a choice of weather, today’s would rank at the top of my list. Sun up in the mid fifties, low sixties at 10:00 a.m., maxing out in the seventies… Sunny with blue skies, lite northerly breeze. The perfect day, any time of the year.

Crows are providing the soundtrack for the morning. They are being accompanied, every once and a while, by the raucous cries of blue jays. It is a song becoming way too common this fall.

It’s really just a daydreaming kind of day… so quiet you can hear your ears ringing over the sound of the ceiling fans. Way off down the line a train horn is competing with the crows… And losing.

This is one of those heavy mast years when most no birds come to the feeders yet because there is plenty to be found in the wild.

Well, I’ve finished my second cup of muses, read the news and email, and still I sit on this back porch enjoying a beautiful morning… I guess I better go ahead and hit publish while it’s still morning…

Monday, October 16

Tis the first really feels like fall morning coffee muses.

There is a strong north wind making the trees dance. The temperature on the front porch is 65°. The sky to the north and west is crystal blue with just wispy clouds to the south and east. It’s the first real fall morning of the season. Even sitting in the sun feels really, really good.

I decided to walk out to the back corner and take my morning shots from there.

Looking up the property line into the wind. I was feeling the chill at this point.

The cleared area to the far left is our back corner. The rest of the shot is the woods I photograph most days…

Looking across the face of the woods. Every tree to the right of the thick growth I’ve planted as one to three foot tall seedlings over the past quarter century.

Thinking about these trees you see here really makes me appreciate my grandfather’s accomplishment in Orchard at the place I grew up visiting… it was covered with trees of about the same age as these, maybe a decade or so more growth… when he sold the place in the early ’70’s.

Back to the back porch and enjoy the morning coffee.

Get out and enjoy the season…

Sunday, October 15

Starting the day at seventy-two degrees for a Sunday morning coffee muses.

It’s relatively cool this morning. It won’t be by this afternoon.

You can tell it’s nominally fall by the flowers. Goldenrod glows from every field.

Milkweed awaits the monarchs, and while waiting feeds the few hummingbirds we have left.

Once again the angle trumpets are hung with blooms…

And all summer long the chaste tree has been attracting hummingbirds and bees and butterflies with it’s royal purple blooms.

Have a peaceful day…

Saturday, October 14

It’s a pleasant almost fall morning coffee muses.

Mid seventies this morning. Blue jays and mockingbirds singing from the trees. A single hummingbird feeds from one of the feeders.

I thought about Deere meditations yesterday, but the grass didn’t scream cut me. Then I pulled up the prognosticators foretelling for next week and decided Deere meditations would be so much more pleasant when the day’s high was in the mid-seventies and not the mid-eighties.

The trio of squirrels that play in the oaks are running about enjoying the “fall” weather. Acorns fall all day long, the driveway is covered with crushed evidence of their abundance. I should expect to see an explosion next spring in our squirrel population. That alone will bring an abundance of hawks to my yard.

I am purposely letting some of the hackberries come back from the roots of the old trees that were scattered about the yard.  We took out the three that were almost on top of the new house when we built. Two others were lost to age and storms. Those are the ones coming back. And almost all of the ones in the woods were cleared when they cleared that acreage. It turns out hackberries are one of the main foods of the wintering flocks of cedar waxwings. I love those birds so I felt it imperative to let some new food trees grow.

The cup of muses is dry… enjoy your weekend.

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