The Limits Of Civilazation

There’s a Taoist idea that everything carries within it the seeds of its own demise. Many civilizations have died because they outgrew their food supply or because population density encouraged infectious disease like cholera and typhoid. We’ve learned how to get around those limitations now, so there’s no reason to …


Fireworks For The 4th

I watched this a while back and enjoyed the video. It showed up in my email again today and seemed appropriate to share… Enjoy!


Déjà Vu All Over Again

Am I living through my own personal “Groundhog Day”? Every Fourth of July, some Americans sit down to read the Declaration of …


Good Food

The qualities that characterize good food vary within a narrow range. Good food is real, it’s healthy, it’s produced sustainably, it’s fair …


Locust Moon – Verlyn Klinkenborg

From last years paper… I saw the first fireflies of June the other night. They looked a little aqueous, as if they …


Stephen Bruton – 1948-2009

Ok, call me clueless…I didn’t recognize the name…I followed a link from Jeff Bridges website. Spend a few minutes and watch this …


An Artist’s Journey

I have an online writer friend who posts the most amazing stories on her blog. The conversations that happen in the comments …


Customer Appreciation

I got an email from Netflix this morning… Thanks for being a Netflix Member. Hi Gary, In order to continue adding more …


Testing Flickr Photostream Plugin

My buddy Fred over at Fragments From Floyd was (and still is) having issues with putting his Flickr images into his WordPress …

Honeysuckle andPrivet

Summer’s Here

It’s been awhile since I stumbled over here and added any of my morning muses… It’s mostly been because the morning coffee …

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