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Saturday, April 1

Another Cool Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Another Cool Spring Morning Coffee Muses

This day was my grandfather’s favorite day of the year. He loved to prank people on April Fools Day. Had he had his way every single day of the year would have been April Fools Day. Not that he stood too much on protocol, he’d prank you on any day he thought he could get one over on you…

Sadly, I am finishing this post on Sunday after watching my site go black in the middle of the last paragraph… So I’ll stop here and see if I can get the pictures I took this morning posted…

Friday, March 31

A Loud And Heavy Morning Coffee Muses

A Loud And Heavy Morning Coffee Muses

There’s a heaviness to the cool air this morning that is allowing the morning sounds to travel far and loud. The highway bypass sounds like it’s right next door. The roaring of the road is drowning out my normally pleasant symphony of birdsong.

More and more, I find myself sitting out here on the porch, getting lost in contemplating the natural world around me. At least for now it’s cool enough to enjoy getting lost in my thoughts.

At least this won’t be the last cool day of spring. The prognosticators are foretelling of two more cool days in the coming week. One will even fall into the 50’s like this morning.

Well, it’s now after 8:30 and the morning rush must be over. While the traffic noise is still louder than normal, it’s not completely distracting.

This year has been a bit different from the normal year. Almost daily I see a cottontail, the fireflies are much more numerous each evening. It makes one look forward to sitting out of an evening… at least until mosquito season starts.

Coffee’s gone… so I guess I should be too.

Thursday, March 30

A Cool And Bright Spring Morning Coffee Muses

A Cool And Bright Spring Morning Coffee Muses

After yesterday’s almost not storms, this morning’s cool, breezy, spring perfection was not expected. Unexpected as it may have been, it will be both appreciated and enjoyed.

I’m being serenaded by our new neighbor this morning, the Carolina wren is singing for a mate from the sound of things. He is still bringing nesting materials to the birdhouse.

It looks like almost all of the pecan trees have decided to call it spring too. Each and every one has started showing at least some leaves… The younger ones are mostly fully leafed out.

I find myself getting lost contemplating my surroundings and not thinking about words on the page… I guess that means this post is done and I’m going to just sit and enjoy the morning over a fresh cup…

Wednesday, March 29

The Calm Before The Storm Morning Coffee Muses

The Calm Before The Storm Morning Coffee Muses

It looks like there will be storms… they aren’t moving as fast as the prognosticators were foretelling, but the radar shows them gathering to the west. The wife gave me a quest for today so I think I should cut these muses short and get moving before the skies open up…

So I’ll listen to a mockingbird sing as I finish my morning coffee and then hit the road running while I still can….