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Friday, June 2

Already Pushing Eighty And Humid Morning Coffee Muses

Already Pushing Eighty And Humid Morning Coffee Muses

It’s a glasses fogging kinda day. Humidity rising, heat already in the eighties here on the back porch, cattle egrets patrolling the yard, cicadas buzzing like it was a July afternoon. Thunderclouds building along the coast, towering higher and higher on the horizon.

The birds are louder today, competing with the cicadas for dominance. The blue jays are noisier than they’ve been in quite a while. Something must be messing around on of their nests. When a blue jay starts raising a ruckus they come running in from all sides to see what the cause might be…

The heats getting to me, even with the ceiling fans turning full speed. A speed they will not see the end of until probably the end of November… Time to go in and upload some video.

Boy, that took a while. processing, uploading, processing… and the day is gone.

Thursday, June 1

June First Feels A Lot Like A May Morning Coffee Muses

June First Feels A Lot Like A May Morning Coffee Muses

It’s quiet out under these gray still clouds. The ceiling fans hum is competing with the distant rumble of steel on steel as a train passes by in the distance.

There’s an animal carcass in the back corner of the neighbors place that has attracted some attention. So far it’s black vultures and Crested Caracaras that have come to the call.

The prognosticators are foretelling of a bumpy next few days. I saw one estimate of up to three inches of rain over the weekend. Not promising for or trip to remember my cousin’s life Saturday morning. Then my youngest son will bless us with a visit that afternoon, he and his wife down from New York.

Just for fun, here is what it’s been like on the back porch this morning…

I haven’t played with the Flip in a while. I think I’ll try and use it more often…

Wednesday, May 31

Last Day of May, Not Too Hot, Not Too Muggy Morning Coffee Muses

Last Day of May, Not Too Hot, Not Too Muggy Morning Coffee Muses

It’s another warmish, not too muggy day on the back porch. Tomorrow June arrives and summer’s here no matter what we may want. At least the arrival of June puts us in countdown mode to our week on the mountain. Cool mountain air, long mountain vistas,

These muses have been moved a couple of times over the years. The database has crashed a time or two. With all of that I’ve lost images on a large number of posts in the archives. So every once in a while, I find myself following the suggested post links at the bottom of each page looking for the ones that need images. I’ll then go into my photo archive looking for an image that matches the subject matter from around the time of the post. When I find one it’s a good thing, when I don’t, I improvise… As this muse will make the 1,493rd post in my 11 years of doing these muses it could take me awhile…

As I’ve been writing this, I’ve also been watching the steady coming and going of the bluebirds as they’ve been feeding the bottomless pit that is each baby’s stomach. The two parents and the two older siblings keep an assembly line of insects heading to the birdhouse. When foraging is good you’ll see three sitting on top of the house waiting their turn to shove an offering into the gaping mouth of the babes.

My email… and another cup is calling me…

Tuesday, May 30

Summer's Back On An End Of May Morning Coffee Muses

Summer’s Back On An End Of May Morning Coffee Muses

Today I noticed something about the bluebirds… there appears to be more than two taking food to the nest. It appears that the fledglings from the previous nest are helping to feed this batch.

Having a bunch of bluebirds in the yard is kinda nice. They complement the flashes of red from the cardinals.

The neighborhood bunny just hopped out of our small batch of woods. It’s been a while since he’s put in an appearance. Must be the clouds moving in that made him feel safe. We’ve gone from half blue skies to all gray in a matter of minutes.

After a four day weekend, it’s time to get back on schedule. Laundry and floors today, and a be later garbage day tomorrow means cans out this evening. I better get moving…