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Thursday, January 26

Just Another Overcast Winter Morning Coffee Muses, But Cool

Just Another Overcast Winter Morning Coffee Muses, But Cool.

North winds have brought a semblance of winter to my back porch. It’s cool for a change… a welcome change. The sun’s warmth is hiding above steel gray skies. Even the sound of the wind in the pines is cooler. The warmth of the coffee runs away from the mug, faster than I can drink it.

The neighborhood crows finally discovered the stale bread offering I left for them. They’re usually more observant in coming for dinner. The birds today are mostly quiet. Coming and going without much sound.

Far in the distance the rumble of steel on steel of train wheels fights with the sounds of the quickening winds. I think the winds are winning.

And my mug is both empty and cold…

Wednesday, January 25

Overcast Skies and Unseasonably Warm Coffee Muses

Overcast Skies and Unseasonably Warm Coffee Muses.

The world around me is still and quite. Even the morning birds are subdued. The air is filled with a sense of waiting… Change is about. Trees dressed for a winter’s party that winter refuses to attend. Spring keeps dancing in winter’s absence. Grasses blush green in the sun’s embrace. Daffodils nod shyly on the fringes in the breeze’s arms. Butterflies swirling, twirling in the sunlight filtering thru clouds… Winter still comes… Tomorrow.

Thursday, January 19

Cool and Wet Morning Coffee Muses

Cool and Wet Morning Coffee Muses.

There’s a light rain falling. Water babbling in the downspouts. For the first day in a while the temperature is in the 60 degree neighborhood. I can’t remember when morning started below 70.

The birds are relatively quiet today as they flutter about looking for a protected place to wait out the rain. Speaking of rain, yesterday’s was probably the strangest I’ve seen in a while. My wife drove in to work in Houston and ended up having to drive through flooding streets. All morning long Houston fought another round of widespread flooding. And across the southeastern side of the city no rain fell. We didn’t get any rain at all until after 2 p.m.

On a side note, I want to thank President Barack Obama, on this his last full day in office, for his service to his country. I assure you, Mr President, your absence will not go unnoticed. The entire world will look back on your times in office with a different set of eyes shortly. Principles matter. Thank you for using yours to lead us for the past eight years. You will be missed.

Afternoon Coffee Muses

After the rains, the sun has played hide and seek in the clouds. But it’s still cool enough to not need the ceiling fans…

Afternoon Coffee Muses

Setting Sun In Back Yard