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Monday, February fifth

Early Birthday Road Trip

No pictures yet, I’ll work on adding some in the morning.

It was overcast all day. A long gray road trip… The Wildlife Refuge was almost empty of birds. The most common birds  were ibis, I also saw a couple Mississippi KItes and a Crested Caracara. All day all I really saw in the sky were the Black Vultures.

I drove down to Surfside. The beach was treacherous with soft sand. I didn’t see and shorebirds on the beach. I saw one Brown Pelican land in the waves…

Next stop the Nash for lunch. I sat and watched a bunch of Sand Hill Cranes out in the Prairie, the first I saw. It was strange, I spent almost an hour on the prairie and didn’t hear a sound other than the few cars that passed by. No birds, not even the dozens of Sand Hills. Never in my life have I been around Sand Hill Cranes and they haven’t made any sounds.

From the Nash I headed north, thinking about Brazos Bend… Passing the turnoff only to see miles of construction on the road with flagmen… Home it was…

I’ll add pictures to this after I upload some…

Tuesday, March 21

Another Beautiful Summer's Day Two Months Early Morning Coffee Muses

Another Beautiful Summer’s Day Two Months Early Morning Coffee Muses

It’s just another ceiling fan morning out here on the back porch. Already in the 70’s, sunny, a bit of a breeze… A Beautiful summer’s morning… in March. We’ve barely reached spring and it feels like summer.

Even the birds seem to think summer has arrived. This morning I glanced out my bedroom window and saw a group of cattle egrets in the back yard. I’ve been seeing more and more hummingbirds around too. When I walked out this morning  The only bird I heard singing was a bluebird… it still amazes me how their soft little warble can be heard so well.

Oh well… household chores today.  I better get to it…


International Year of Biodiversity

Welcome to the International Year of Biodiversity

You are an integral part of nature; your fate is tightly linked with biodiversity, the huge variety of other animals and plants, the places they live and their surrounding environments, all over the world.

You rely on this diversity of life to provide you with the food, fuel, medicine and other essentials you simply cannot live without. Yet this rich diversity is being lost at a greatly accelerated rate because of human activities. This impoverishes us all and weakens the ability of the living systems, on which we depend, to resist growing threats such as climate change.

The United Nations proclaimed 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity, and people all over the world are working to safeguard this irreplaceable natural wealth and reduce biodiversity loss. This is vital for current and future human wellbeing. We need to do more. Now is the time to act.

The International Year of Biodiversity is a unique opportunity to increase understanding of the vital role that biodiversity plays in sustaining life on Earth. ~ International Year of Biodiversity.

Here we are 3 months into 2010 and this is the first I’ve heard of this…The International Year of Biodiversity

Humans are part of nature’s rich diversity and have the power to protect or destroy it.

The first thing I have see was an email this morning from the Encyclopedia of Life…

Nearly a decade ago, the United Nations announced that 2010 would be deemed the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB). Global biodiversity, or the web of life, is estimated to include 13 million species—only 10% have been identified thus far.

A highlight of the IYB program will be the Tenth Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity in October, 2010. In addition to establishing goals for post-2010 global conservation efforts, conference participants will assess the international progress made toward conserving biodiversity. ~ EOL Newsletter.

As I read the news each day, it seems I see more and more how the biodiversity of the earth is being threatened by the actions of … Us. Our actions are almost at war with biodiversity, especially here in the United States. Our industrial agricultural practices, our resource “management” practices (mining, forestry, water), even our living habits all seem to be geared toward limiting the biodiversity we encounter. Whether it is our monoculture farms, our clear-cut forests, or even our manmade lakes that inundate thousands of acres of unique biologically diverse waterways, we tend towards destructive use of our environments.

So…I look forward to seeing what this International Year of Biodiversity will bring in the way of focusing our attention on what it is we may be losing if we don’t wake up. I’ll have my eyes open for more news now that I am aware of the significance of the year…

Oh, by the way, 2011 is the International Year of Forests. Start thinking about it now.

It’s a new week…The first of summer.

I find myself spending more of my time outside than I am used to. Yes, it’s hot out…And dry. It almost reminds me of my summer in south Texas back in the early 1970’s. Unusually dry heat for Southeast Texas at this time of the year.

Walking the trail I’ve laid out around the backyard and through the woods then along the bayou I am kept company by dragonflies. At times there are squadrons of thousand or more in the sir patrolling my path…There are a number of different species fly around these parts. I haven’t spent time yet trying to classify these from the pictures yet.

My only other regular companion is our dog Copper. Even she doesn’t enjoy the heat though, and tends to peel off and join her sister under the house after the first or second lap around the yard. It’s not like the winter walks I was taking where both dogs stayed with me for the entire session…Oh well, I can’t say I blame them for wanting out of the heat…If I wasn’t so out of shape, I’d give it up myself.

Here are a couple of the other species I find on my walks…

Here’s the other…

Enjoy your summer…