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Just Go Vote…



If you haven’t voted early… If you haven’t voted absentee… You really need to take yourself to your polling place tomorrow and Vote.

While I would prefer you to cast your vote for the President, even if you support Romney, you really need to vote anyway. As I’ve said before (and I’ll say again) if you don’t vote you don’t have any ground to stand on and complain.

No matter what happens tomorrow…We will wake up on Wednesday in the United States of America. At that point we need to remember what it is that we all have in common. Something we seem to be losing the ability to do these past few years.

A Town I Never Expected To Hear In The National News

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — President Obama came to this tiny middle American town Tuesday to invoke the spirit of a long-ago Republican president in a speech that laid out, in his sharpest language yet, the economic and social arguments he will probably use against Republicans in 2012.(1)

Osawatomie, Kansas…It’s a small town now. On January 7, 1907 when my Grandpa Sewell was born there it was just a bit smaller. But, when 30,000 people were in town for the dedication of the John Brown Memorial Park to hear President Theodore  Roosevelt give his speech on August 10,1910, Grandpa was already living in far south Texas.

I know of Osawatomie from the biography about my Great-Aunt Helen(2) that was published many years ago. Grandpa, you see, was much too young to remember anything about the town. He was barely past his first birthday when the family rode the train south to Hebbronville in Starr County on the Texas Mexican border.

So, you can imagine my surprise as I was driving yesterday to here the name rolling off the tongue of the news announcer. Reading a little history today, I see that the town wasn’t all that happy with the last Presidential appearance they had. I can only imagine their reaction to yesterdays speech.

(1) via Obama invokes Teddy Roosevelt in speech attacking GOP policies – The Washington Post.

(2)“Brush Country Woman” by Ada Morehead Holland

Just As Stubborn As A Mule

I know it’s a mixed metaphor, but the GOP has really become a sad, sad representation of the old saying… You can lead a mule to water but you can’t make him drink.

“I am committed to not raising the debt ceiling,” Bachmann said at a National Press Club luncheon, a few hours before a vote was scheduled to take place on House Speaker John A. Boehner’s bill. “Despite John Boehner’s best efforts, absolutely faithful efforts, to try to put a plan on the table, the problem goes back again to the president’s failure of leadership.”

via Bachmann still a ‘no’ on Boehner debt plan – The Washington Post.

So here we are… After months of negotiations, months of single minded gamesmanship, months of focusing on a self made crisis… The problem from the Tea Party viewpoint is a lack of leadership by the President.

At what point in time does the Republican party own up to the failures of their policies  and do anything to fix the problems they created. The greed that seems to be worshiped on the conservative side of the political spectrum has become a festering sore at the heart of this great nation. Our institutions are decaying, our roads and bridges are wearing out, our middle class, the very bedrock on which this nation has flourished, is being demolished year by year… And yet all we hear from Republicans is “no new taxes”, “less regulation”, “less environmental protection”. In a country that has historically known no limits to what it could accomplish, one of our political parties now thinks we have reached the limits of our reach and we should, to quote another of their failed policies, “just say no”.

But for one of their Presidential candidates, someone we are told we need to take seriously, to tell us that their intransigence is the President’s lack of leadership… A man who has bent over backwards. A man who put on the negotiating table policy changes that go against everything the Democratic Party believes in only to be met time and again with Republican “Leaders” who would walk away from the table… To call that a lack of leadership on the Presidents part…

After being put out to pasture in 2008 and managing to keep my savings from imploding in the financial crisis of the past few years, I now have to worry about a bunch of financial morons in Congress turning the country into a monetary cesspool. Well paying jobs are becoming scarce, yet all we hear from these Congressmen is deficit, deficit, deficit. It’s a mantra that will fix nothing and will cause uncountable harm to our kids and grand-kids… And I am not talking about leaving them the bill, I am talking about leaving them a country in grave need of repair and no means to do it.

Republicans… You have been led to water… If you will not drink we all pay the price.

It’s WTF Time In Washington

(Rep. Eric A. “Rick”)Crawford, the freshman from Arkansas, was among 63 legislators who sent a letter to Obama on Thursday that imagined Aug. 3 arriving without a deal. In the letter, the legislators urged Obama to promise he would pay interest on existing debt, military salaries, and Medicare and Social Security benefits.Crawford also said he’d been urged by constituents not to give in to pressure to raise the debt ceiling. He was asked: Have you explained to them what’s been predicted to happen?

“I think that’s probably an arrogant attitude to take, that I know more than they do,” Crawford said. “I’m trying to represent my district in Washington, and not Washington in my district.”

via GOP dissent complicates path to resolving debt-ceiling crisis – The Washington Post.

I can’t believe a statement like that came out of a Congressman’s mouth… OK… Sure I can, but it sure is stupid. And I don’t think I’d be happy to have a guy who represents me in Congress telling me that he doesn’t think it’s his job to know more than me when it comes to doing his job. He thinks it’s arrogant to explain where his constituents are wrong…Or, does he think it would be arrogant because he believes the same nonsensical BS?

This class of Republican leaders(?) is about to do to this country what no enemy ever has. Do they really think that America needs another few million unemployed government workers right now? Who the hell do they think will be buying the products (what few they are) that are still being produced by American workers? I mean, hell, there won’t be any unemployment checks coming to these folks…

Their attitude seems to be “Let’s just collapse the whole country and see what comes out of the ashes.” Except, they deny that their actions will do that. Are these the same folks that have been claiming for over forty years that NASA faked the moon landing?

When I vote for an elected official, I expect him to do his job. That job in my eyes is to know more than I can about the effects of the legislation being discussed in Congress. As our last President used to say all of the time, “It’s a hard job.” But they asked for it, they devoted time and resources to getting it…So do the damn job. If you don’t know what the hell you are talking about, find an expert and learn. Don’t repeat the talking points, know the math. BUt don’t tell me you think it’s arrogant to call BS to BS, that’s just BS.