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Another high Heat Advisory for Houston region

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Alvin Weather @ 11:00 am Tuesday 8/9/2016

For the second time in as many days dangerous scorching heat is forecast Tuesday in the Houston region.

Source: Another high Heat Advisory for Houston region

When you walk out in the morning and the temperature is already pushing into the mid 80’s and the humidity is above 60% on a dry day, you know it’s just gonna be a day to hide from the heat.

Even the birds this morning were laying up in the shade. Only the cattle egrets and the hummingbirds were making their presence known. I was hearing a few out in the trees… cardinals, blue jays, crows. I even saw a mockingbird flash of white as it fluttered into the canopy of the red oak… But no song there.

And It’s Not Even Summer Yet…

Houston’s temperature reached 100 degrees on Thursday, setting two records.

It marks a record high for the day — the prior record was 97. It also marks the earliest date the city’s temperature reached the century mark. Before Thursday, Houston had hit 100 degrees on June 10, said Paul Lewis, National Weather Service meteorologist.

More hot weather is expected for the rest of the week.

Both Friday and Saturday will be sunny with high temperatures in the 90s.

via After hitting 100 degrees, don’t expect relief | Houston & Texas News | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle.

Today was hot. Tonight has not improved a lot. But there is hope…Tropical happenings in  the Gulf, rain in Louisiana moving west this evening… Maybe we can expect some relief this weekend.

More Coffee In The News

A pilot’s spilled coffee accidentally triggered a hijacking alert and caused a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany, to make an unscheduled stop in Canada.

A Transport Canada report said United Flight 940 was diverted to Toronto late Monday and landed safely at Pearson International Airport. The coffee spill caused distress signals to go out, including code 7500, which means hijacking or unlawful interference.

via Spilled coffee forces United jet down early in Canada | News Bizarre | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle.

It Only Takes A Fresh Perspective

Lila Kerr was drawing her own blood and handing it over to a room full of health directors in Yatzaputzan, a village in the Ecuadorian Andes, as they prepared to test out a portable centrifuge created by a team of Rice University undergraduates.

The anticipation was high as they pushed down on a button on a repurposed salad spinner, causing the red blood cells to press against the bottom of a plastic tube, leaving behind the plasma so doctors can test for anemia.

via Salad spinner-like medical gear could save thousands of lives | Houston & Texas News | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle.

This morning as I was having my morning coffee this story from our local paper in my feed reader caught my eye.

What did it take for someone to “SEE” a salad spinner as a medical appliance? I have one sitting on top of my refrigerator and once I read the article it was one of those head slap moments. What else could you use one of these everyday items for?

Once you begin to look at everyday things with a fresh outlook…you know…almost anything can happen.

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