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Saturday Morning Coffee Muses…

2016 comes to an end just as dreary looking as much of the year has felt. For the record, it’s already in the mid 60’s this morning and heading north of 70 by afternoon. Ditto for the first day of 2017 tomorrow. There’s a lite, misty rain falling… so lite, it’s only a fast dripping in the downspouts on each side of the porch.

2016 wasn’t a total washout… Even though the last two months have cast a shadow over the rest of the year. Now for the first time in a long, long time, I am not facing a new year with any form of optimism. I think it’s time to swipe one of the signs I’ve seen in yards all over town for years… you know the one’s, Pray for America. They must work, I think the owner’s got their prayers answered. And, I really feel the need to pray for my country now.

So, I’ll start with a prayer for peace in the new year… And I’ll continue with a prayer for justice. And, I’ll finish with a prayer for sanity.