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Wednesday, June 28

Slept In On The Mountain Morning Coffee Muses

Late nights and mountain air conspired to keep me in bed till well after sunrise this morning. The morning temperatures aren’t quite as cool and the forecast is for a bit warmer today. The forecasted high is 72°… yesterday’s high was 65°.

I did put a face to one of the unfamiliar birds songs. Yesterday I saw a scarlet tanager in the tree just down the mountain in front of me. When I checked it’s song, I immediately recognized it as the main song I hadn’t been familiar with. Check it out here… Scarlet Tanager

Today’s agenda calls for a trip north on the parkway. I need to get some fresh pictures of the Brinegar Cabin for the Facebook page I manage. Sherry wants to visit Mr. Airey. Then it’ll be a drive back to West Jefferson and the scenic mountain route back to this porch.