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A Busy Week In The Backyard

The number of people moving through the house this past week has higher than at any other time since we began. Stone work, texture, cabinets, trim carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, counter-top measurement techs, storage building delivery…It’s been almost nonstop. We finished it off with a birthday party on Saturday afternoon…Whew.

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Week Seven…But Who’s Counting

This week the inside has begun to look as much like a house as the outside has for a couple of weeks now…

Sometime in the next few days the rock will get put on the front. The mud guys will be finishing up on Monday. Then it’s time for the texture crew to take over.

And the show go’s on forever and the fun never ends…

Another Week Of Building

It’s been another week of work on the house. The main projects have been plumbing fixes, septic install, and blowing in the wall insulation. Morning coffee on the back porch hasn’t been very comfortable due to the heat…But checking out the progress each day has been fun…

Today they delivered the sheetrock and the stone for the front of the house. Monday is plumbing work again, Tuesday is stone and sheetrock, Wednesday will bring what Wednesday will bring. Progress may seem slow but it’s beginning to really feel like a house.