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The Weather Catches Up With The Look

Fall Is In The Air

This morning lightened on a world where the temperature had fallen below 70° for the first time in months and months. It wont last, this preview of fall…But, oh how nice it is.

Unfortunately, the rains from last week have finally hatched up a swarm of mosquitoes. Therefore, my morning muse on the front porch has been cut short these past couple of days. Though I managed not to spill my one cup of coffee this morning as I slapped the little bloodsuckers.

Reading Blogs

Colleen caught my eye this morning with her blog post. It was this quote that grabbed my attention:

“Dreams are real as long as they last. Can we say anymore about life?”  Havelock Ellis

Then she grabbed my marketing eye with these two items:

7. Quote seen on a T-shirt for sale in the window of the Floyd Country Store: “Moonshine: If it wasn’t so good they wouldn’t chase us.”

8. The moonshine T-shirts are sold in mason jars.

via Loose Leaf Notes » Blog Archive » 13 Thursday: Life is But a Dream.

Now my question is…Do the T-shirts have anything to do with the local magazine, Floyd County Moonshine?

Three Years Ago Today…

I started down a path I am still walking today.

Inventing the Myth as I Go

Where am I heading and how will I get there?

You are welcome to come along for the ride. Try not to fall off as we round the curves…

I have tried to do this blog thing before and haven’t managed to develop the discipline to make it work…Blame it on the Floyd County Group of Bloggers for this new try. Fred First and his Fragments From Floyd Blog is inspiring me to begin again in the creation of the myth that is my life. Give me a little time and I’ll try to tie up the loose ends…

via Day One of the next stage of my life… | North Carolina Mountain Dreams.

That was the original post on a new blog I set up with Blogger. North Carolina Mountain Dreams was a description of a state of mind as well as the title of a new blog. As long as the conversation stay focused (more of less) on that dream, it was a good fit.

Sometime later I began to notice that most of the posts were beginning to be about my life in Texas and less about my Mountain Dreams. The category most of the posts were falling into was “coffee muses”. After a quick check of domain name registrations, I bought the name and moved my primary blog post to this site.

I have continued to post to the original North Carolina Mountain Dreams on a less regular schedule while I rethought and reframed the purpose of that site. Somewhere along the line, the dream expanded into Virginia. My wife and I are still looking and dreaming about a move to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The search runs from around Asheville in the south all the way up to Roanoke in the north. The two locuses are still Boone to Linville in North Carolina and Floyd County in Virginia.  Research on both states continues with results being written up on my two Mountain Dreams sites…

I wrote about my history on the web in a post last week if you are interested in my convoluted life on the web.

So after three years of somewhat regular posting here and there…The story continues. Won’t you join me on the journey?

A Slow Road Reader

My friend Fred First is working on a new book. If you haven’t visited his blog, Fragments From Floyd, you should. Here is the announcement he has posted about the new book…Go check it out.

Fred’s New Book May 2009

I’m very pleased to tell you that a second book is joining Slow Road Home in May of 2009. What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader extends the hyperlocal folk-writing from the last part of the first book. The new book, also a “reader” consisting of almost 100 short pieces, moves from the local and personal to the regional and global and back again in ten “chapters.” The second book also has more than 20 black and white images.

via Fred’s New Book May 2009 – Slow Road Home Portal.

He has also posted an order form where you can advance order the new book…Or order the first book if you don’t already have a copy, or even a set of his notecards with images from Floyd County.

Here is the Press Release…

Floyd, Virginia. What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader by Fred First is published by Goose Creek Press, available for readers in May 2009. 230 page trade paperback $17.95 from goosecreekpress.com ISBN 978-0-9779395-2-7

In this bigger, faster, throw-away world, Fred First focuses his writer’s lens on the smaller, slower more permanent riches that are attainable and that we need reminding of in our days on the far side of the Hurry Decades.

From his vantage point in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, the author elevates the simple and local in a way that will bring a smile, a raised eyebrow, or nod of affirmation. This unique view of the world will be appreciated by fellow biology watchers, grandparents, rural dwellers or wannabes and by those simply seeking a pleasant place to ponder a few minutes before bedtime.

This is a book of considerable variety, to be picked up often and digested in short bites. Organized into ten parts, each contains portions that range from the personal to the local to the global and back again, crafting a shape and flow to the almost one hundred personal revelations and stories, lyrical prose pieces and light-hearted homilies.