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Wednesday, April 26

Warm, Muggy, Windy, Too Much Like Summer Morning Coffee Muses

Warm, Muggy, Windy, Too Much Like Summer Morning Coffee Muses

When I walked out t his morning the temperature was already pushing 80º and the sun wasn’t even out yet. Even with the fans turning and the wind blowing, comfort wasn’t the word of the day. Add to those troubles a total lack of usable WiFi and my morning muse was short circuited… Still don’t know what is happening with the WiFi, but the indoor weather is much more conducive to muses.

This new round of genealogy research has already led to a few new cousins. I had an email from a 2nd cousin once removed. She was pointing out a few mistakes on her line where we connect. I corrected my data and shared emails with her. We share a Great-Great-Grandfather on my Sewell line, what we don’t share is the same Great-Great-Grandmother. I descend from his first wife, she descends from the second. Between the two wives they produced 16 children before gr-gr-grandpa died at 86 in 1918.

I’ve also been in virtual conversations with a couple of Sherry’s distant cousins who connected through DNA tests. I still haven’t wrapped my head around the full DNA concept, but, I’m trying. I’m waiting on my Y-DNA test to see if I can jump my brick wall back in the early 1800’s with my Gr-Gr-Grandpa Edward Boyd. He was in Georgia in the 1840’s thru 50’s with a wife and family, came to Texas and married my Gr-Gr-Grandma in 1853 in Lamar County. Moved to Lampasas County before 1860 and died before 1870. I’ve been looking for his roots now for 20 years.

Time to move on… Later

Tuesday, April 11

Warm And Muggy Chance Of Rain Morning Coffee Muses

Warm And Muggy Chance Of Rain Morning Coffee Muses

Once again the Kindle was slagged on the back porch this morning… I managed to get the photos uploaded here but couldn’t seem to connect with enough speed to write a post. I still sat outside and did email and news before coming in and writing a few words here… It’s gotten to be such a habit that if I don’t get a daily post up I feel off all day.

My neighbor from around the corner just stopped by to drop of a piece of mail that was misdelivered  to her mailbox. The US Postal Service has a real problem finding my house. It’s been an issue for years and years. And while misdelivered junk mail is frustrating, misdelivered packages can ruin a birthday or a Christmas. Everyone involved has taken the issue to the local Postmaster on numerous occasions, and with numerous Postmasters. The issue refuses to get fixed…

Oh well…. Genealogy  calls…


Friday, March 17

A Ceiling Fan And Cottontail Morning Coffee Muses

A Ceiling Fan And Cottontail Morning Coffee Muses

It’s a warmish start to the day. Mostly clear with just a few high wispy clouds. Of in the distance someone is mowing. Closer by the birds are supplying their normal chorus. I’m starting to see dragonflies patrolling the backyard and a spider has tried to web the weather station.

Our resident cottontail hopped across half of the yard before hiding under the cars or the shed for the day. Hmmm, we might have more than one… earlier I noted to myself how big and brown the cottontail was. Just now another one hopped to the remnant woods at the back of our place. It seemed smaller and grayer than the one I spotted earlier.

This feels like a perfect summer’s day… Starting out at 70 degrees, sunny, nice breeze, filled with birdsong. Too bad our actual summer days feel nothing like this.

There’s a fairly large moon ghosting in the sky. Pale and blueish as it sets towards the western horizon. A reminder of nights bright with moon glow… if only we had a cloudless night. Alt it takes to cover the night sky with clouds here abouts is a predictable astronomical event. Every time we hear of a meteor shower, a lunar eclipse, a comet in the sky the clouds roll in a shut down the view. As a kid, whenever we visited our grandparents, the thing I recall most is the summer evenings spent on the lawn listening to grandpa tell his tall tales as we watched the stars come out. We all sat in an assorted collection of mismatched lawn chairs hoping for a meteor sighting or, even better a satellite. We were far enough out in the country that there was no light pollution ( I don’t even think the term existed), and the sky was filled with stars. The milky way made a splash of light that stretched across the sky from horizon to horizon. Three generations of family enjoying time together…

Coffee calls….

Summer Is Here

Let’s Talk Weather

You know it’s summer here on the Texas Coast when you step outside before sunup and the humidity settles around your shoulders like a heavy damp cloak.

At daybreak the mercury has been hovering in the mid-seventies on the thermometer for most of the past few weeks. That makes it early summer and not the dog days we will see a month or so down the calendar. When we reach those days we won’t see the seventies unless it’s raining here…And not all rain storms will bring the temperatures down this low.

At this time of the year, with the temperatures rising, my thoughts start turning to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Whenever it starts to become uncomfortable to have a cup of coffee as I muse over the mornings direction out on the porch, my mind takes me back to those summer vacations with my family on the North Carolina mountains. It’s a dream I still hold dear…

Spending My Days

This week has flown by…I’ve spent hours working on rebuilding my photoblog at GaryBoydPhotography.com. I have also been working on testing the new WordPress 3.0 Beta nightly roll outs. So far I am liking what I am seeing. If you would like to read more about my thoughts you can check them out at gary-boyd.com where I will be posting what I learn.

Another great time suck in my days comes in anytime I get an email with questions about my genealogy. It seems that whenever I start trying to answer those questions I end up spending at least an hour our two researching my answer…Which usually leads to another hour or so fleshing out the sources on a family…or two, or adding another layer to a distant cousins ancestors.


Last week I had to send the Deere to the shop. As we move into week three here without mowing and with last weekends rains having given the grass a boost in growing power, I have yet to hear when I will see my mower. Now this time of the year I generally cut mower and tractor repair shops a bit of slack, I know they are very busy. But…you knew there would be a but…when they promise to check on the status and call you right back…before noon…you expect to get a call that day. Don’t you?  At least they are not predicting any rain this weekend…

I hope your weekend is restful…