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Monday, October 23

Front Porch is 56°, back porch is 66°… fall morning coffee muses.

The Cool of the morning is different on the two sides of the house. With a ten degree difference and the added warmth of the sun, I had to turn on the ceiling fans as soon as I sat down… it’s a heck of a note when it’s in the mid fifties out front and almost seventy out back.

Saw my first bluebirds this morning in a long time… they even checked out the nest box. There’s a woodpecker in the woods talking chips… there’s a phoebe on the Apple tree.

The highway noise from the bypass is especially loud today. Even heard a distant crop duster off to the south.

Before I came out I put the pot of soup I made last night on the stove over a low, low fire to warm up for brunch. Looks like the perfect week for a pot of my perpetual soup. Just add more vegetables every day until it’s gone…

It’s funny how much different it feels once the sun rises high enough for the porch roof to provide a little shade. The temperature stars dropping immediately…

My cup of muses has run out. I’m going to get a refill and enjoy the fine weather for awhile… get out and enjoy wherever you are too.

Sunday, October 22

It’s a weather change morning coffee muses.

I overslept this morning because instead of getting lighter outside it was getting darker. When I looked out the front window the driveway was still dry, but, by the time I poured my cup of muses, it was raining out the back windows.

I went out on the back porch and sat down to take my record shots and enjoy the cool winds bringing the storm. It wasn’t even a few minutes though before the mist was blowing in on me so it was a very short outdoor coffee muse. Now I’m inside looking out the front window again.

Since I overslept, this is going to be very short. Breakfast duties are screaming my name…

But the weather is a changing…

Looking forward to real autumn weather…

Saturday, October 21

Early Saturday morning coffee muses.

Out almost before the sun colored the clouds with light. It’s almost cool, almost humid, almost quiet… now there’s some real color at the top of the clouds.

We seem to be stuck between seasons… not quite autumn but no longer summer. The trees are losing their leaves but only the Chinese tallow trees have even a hint of color.

A pileated woodpecker just gave it’s primeval call far of on the bayou. Even with all of the clearing in the last few years, we still manage to hang on to a few of the old species.

Time for email… later.

Friday, October 20

A cool, wet end of the week morning coffee muses.

During the early morning hours thunderstorms rolled thru our area. Lightning lit the bedroom like a bad party from the seventies. Now the world is wet… with much needed rain. The overcast and the moisture laden air are carrying sounds far and clear. Someone’s tricked out car’s exhaust is rumbling loudly from far away.

Dogs are barking off in the distance. A Carolina wren is singing in the woods. A blue jay is accompanying him. I hear a cardinal, but their fall attire makes them hard to see. A train is moving off towards Galveston, horn blowing at the railroad crossings along the way. The sounds of my morning muse.

There’s a big opening showing up in the overcast… if the sun breaks thru this cool moist day will become hot and humid. And we still need the rain.

Email calls… And I need another cup of muses…