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Google Earth Pro

One of the things that came about because of the death of my old computer is I reinstalled Google Earth. When I initially opened the program I zoomed in to my home. Boy was I blown away. They have done wondrous things with their 3D generators…

I mean look at these images… You can see items on the porch. It even shows the power boxes on the wall.The trees are a little gauzy, but each and every one is there. The images are a year or so old, so a lot has changed. But… WOW.

Here is my mom’s back yard…

It’s all a little fuzzy, but the pots around the trees are there, the swing, the plants….

My sons place in Sloatsburg, NY falls just a mile or so outside the 3D boundary.

If you would like to play you can do it online at Google Earth. Go play a little, you never know what you might discover.

Here is my neighborhood… That me at the blue dot.