August Spider

  • August One
    “By necessity, by proclivity and by delight, we all quote.”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • August 2nd
    “I do not understand how anyone can live without one small place of enchantment to turn to.”
    – Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
  • August the Third
    “Nothing great is created suddenly, anymore than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen. ”
    – Epictetus
  • Fourth of August
    “The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” —Frank Lloyd Wright
  • August 5th
    From comments left at Fragments From Floyd

    “I do what I have to do and have forgotten, for now, what I want to see or say”Oh, do I know that one! Been living it for far too many months now.Looking back over old posts earlier today, I found this, which although not what I was looking for, was what I perhaps needed to find:

    “You must have a place to which you can go, in your heart, your mind, or your house, almost every day, where you do not know what you owe anyone or what anyone owes you. You must have a place you can go to where you do not know what your work is or who you work for, where you do not know who you are married to or who your children are” – Joseph Campbell

    Have you got one of those places?
    Posted by: andy | February 16, 2005 6:06 AM

  • 6th of August
    “Be water, be gentle and strong. Be gentle enough to follow the natural paths of the earth, and strong enough to rise up and reshape the world.” – Brenda Peterson (1950-), author
    from Appalachian Treks
  • August Seven
    “There are times when one needs to be in the presence of great mountains, tall trees and rushing water. There are other times when only an old length of barnboard and an autumn leaf will do.”
    – Kerrdelune (Cate Kerr) of Beyond the Fields We Know
  • The Eighth Day of the Eighth Month
    The Journey’s End by Wendell Berry

    “Where I am going I have never been before. And since I have no destination that I know, where I am going is always where I am. when I come to good resting places, I rest. I rest whether I am tired or not because the places are good. Each one is an arrival. I am where I have been going.”

  • August Ninth
    Writing From the Center, by Scott Russell Sanders:

    “What we need, all of us who go on two legs, is to reimagine our place in creation. We need to enlarge our conscience so as to bear, moment by moment, a regard for the integrity and bounty of the earth. There can be no sanctuaries unless we regain a deep sense of the sacred, no refuges unless we feel a reverence for the land, for soil and stone, water and air, and for all that lives. We must find the desire, the courage, the vision to live sanely, to live considerately, and we can only do that together, calling out and listening, listening and calling out.”

  • August, the 10th
    “The first step toward valuing and trusting food is probably eating food that has some integrity. People who hold their traditions of food preparation and presentation in high regard don’t tend to bargain-shop for cheap calories.”
    Camille Kingsolver from the website for Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
  • August 11
    From Where We Stand: Recovering a Sense of Place by Deborah Tall

    “Maybe we need different places for different phases of our lives. Maybe cherished places remain alive inside us even if we have to move on–our attachment to the earth not thinned, but widened. Still, I worry over the pile of fragments in my past, the running of one place into another. Wherever I am is cluttered with the memory of dozens of other landscapes.”

    found on Lifescapes

  • The Twelfth Day of August
    “What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen.” — Henry David Thoreau
  • August 13th
    “Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself.” — Kahlil Gibran
  • August Fourteenth
    Why Write About Nature? by Susan Hanson

    “How can I understand that what is absent is not gone, that what has ended is not finished, that what is taken is returned as more than memory?”

  • 15th of August
    “He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder.”
    – M.C. Escher,
    found at Dark Chocolate, Red Wine
  • Twice Eight, of the Eighth Month
    “A plan really is useful for signifying to yourself and other people that you like living, that you’re looking forward to living some more, that you have a certain appetite to continue the enterprise. But one’s real duty to the future is to do as you should do now. Make the best choices, do the best work, fulfill your obligations in the best way you can, and work on a scale that’s appropriately small. Make plans that are appropriately small. If you do those things, then the future will take care of itself. But if you don’t do those things, then you build up a debt against the future, which is what we’re doing now.”
    Wendell Berry, from Field Observations
  • August XVIII
    “There is another way to live and think: it’s called agrarianism. It is not so much a philosophy as a practice, an attitude, a loyalty and a passion—all based in close connection with the land. It results in a sound local economy in which producers and consumers are neighbors and in which nature herself becomes the standard for work and production.”
    Wendell Berry, from The Food Project
  • August 19th
    The wine of life is oozing drop by drop,
    “The leaves of life are falling one by one.”
    – Omar Khayyam
  • Day Twenty…August
    Lifescapes: November 2006
    “You write a book and it’s like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it in the ocean. You don’t know if it will ever reach any shores. And there, you see, sometimes it falls in the hands of the right person.”
    – Isabelle Allende
  • Twenty First day. Eighth Month
    “The freedom to do something you’re not good at–just for the joy of it–has got to be one of the greatest gifts we can ever give ourselves.”
    – Patry Francis, from Simply Wait
  • Aug 22nd
    “As naturally as the oak bears an acorn and the vine a gourd, man bears a poem, either spoken or done.”
    — Henry David Thoreau
  • 23, August
    “Think sideways!”
    — Edward De Bono
  • August, Thrice Eight
    “There may be more to learn from climbing the same mountain a hundred times than by climbing a hundred different mountains.”
    — Richard Nelson
  • August Twenty-Fifth

    May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome,
    dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.
    May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.
    May your rivers flow without end,
    meandering through pastoral valleys tinkling with bells,
    past temples and castles and poets’ towers
    into a dark primeval forest where tigers belch and monkeys howl,
    through miasmal and mysterious swamps
    and down into a desert of red rock,
    blue mesas, domes and pinnacles and grottos of endless stone,
    and down again into a deep vast ancient unknown chasm
    where bars of sunlight blaze on profiled cliffs,
    where deer walk across the white sand beaches,
    where storms come and go
    as lightning clangs upon the high crags,
    where something strange and more beautiful
    and more full of wonder than your deepest dreams
    waits for you —
    beyond that next turning of the canyon walls.

    — Edward Abbey, quoted at Beyond the Fields We Know

  • 26, August
    “Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”
    — Margaret Lee Runbeck
  • Aug. Twenty and Seven
    “You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.”
    — Naguib Mahfouz
  • 28th of August
    “When you rise in the morning, form a resolution to make the day a happy one for a fellow creature.”
    — Sydney Smith
  • August 209th
    “I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.”
    — Henry David Thoreau
  • 30th Day of August
    “A lot of times if you take your glasses off the problem goes away”
    Felder Rushing, The Gestalt Gardener

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  1. i just found this page of your sites and feel like i’ve stumbled on a gold mine!!! I am an absolute fool for quotes – of all kinds – i have them posted and hidden and written down everywhere! thanks for sharing!!!

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